How to stop throwing food: 4 life hacks

In anticipation of the tenth traditional

spring "Design Saturday" Seasons

eco-activist and participant of the "Green Lecture" at the festival Asya Senicheva told how to reduce amount of waste, do not throw away food and be more conscious about consumption.

How to stop throwing food: 4 life hacks

Asya Senicheva

We often run about on business, forgetting to eat, and in the evening the hungry ones fall into a supermarket or restaurant and want to buy everything at once. Do not do like this! Try to have a snack before going to the store, then you will buy less “spontaneous” food. You don’t have to throw away what was bought for the future. If you decide to go to a cafe or restaurant, order dishes in sequence, and not all at once.

It is better to wait fifteen minutes while you are preparing the second dish after you have eaten, for example, a salad, than to order immediately soup, hot, drink and dessert, which you can hardly eat after such a rich dinner.

If you still ordered a lot, have already eaten and are going to leave, leaving food on plates, ask her to pack. The ideal option is to carry a small lunchbox with you, where you will put the rest. So you will also refuse from plastic packaging in which dishes are put in a public catering. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you take a plastic bag in stores is already bad, for some reason taking food with you does not seem to be the norm. For example, in Georgia they bring giant portions of khachapuri. My friend carried a lunchbox with us, and we took with us what we could not eat during the day, and left it for the evening.

How to stop throwing food: 4 life hacks

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The most perishable products: milk, bread , vegetables and fruits.

You can not keep track that the product has expired, and we are already in a hurry to throw it in the trash. But here there are more "green" options. You can bake pancakes from sour milk or kefir for breakfast - it's simple, fast and delicious. Dried bread can easily be turned into a potato cake with a blender, just add condensed milk, sugar and cocoa. Slightly withered vegetables can be stewed or baked, and smoothies can be made from "old" fruits.

How to stop throwing food: 4 life hacks

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Typically, sellers specifically put the latest on the back rows of shelves, and forward that soon will deteriorate. Buyers already know this chip and take what is fresher. But if you are sure that today cook and eat this product, it is not necessary to take food with a shelf life of one month. What I do in stores: I buy, on the contrary, something that soon expires.

If I do not, other people will not do it, and everything will be in the trash.



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