How to stop being afraid and finally skate

Always refuse to go to the rink with friends? Do you think that not everyone can balance on these sharp blades? Together with the producer of oatmeal snacks Quaker and Sasha Boyarskaya, we tell you how to overcome fear and awkwardness and, possibly, even love skates with all your heart (and also list the most beautiful places for skating).

Skating rink and skates are perhaps the most popular answer to the question of what can be done in winter. There are skating rinks in almost every, even the smallest park. Finding a skate rental or buying a pair at a sports store is also quite simple and, moreover, quite affordable. Such an incredible ubiquity of skates and the ability to ride them seemed to divide everyone into two halves: those who know how to ride, ride and enjoy the winter, and those who do not.

To give advice to those who can enjoy a pair of boots with blades is an ungrateful job, but what about the others?

How to stop being afraid and finally skate

Most often, those who don’t skate do not do this for one reason: they do not know how. They don’t know how, because they’ve never really tried, but it’s awkward to try. It’s embarrassing to look awkward or even fall (the pain is not so terrible as the fact that everyone around you will become apparent lack of skills). This happens with any sport or with any new business and activity. Starting a new one or trying the unknown is always a little awkward.

Often the more frightening it is to take the first step, the greater the pleasure of what you still managed to try - regardless of whether it turned out or not. Skates can be avoided as something completely alien and not at all from your life, but you can decide and find a reason to just try.

How to stop being afraid and finally skate

Anything can become a stimulus (except for ice skating itself). For example, the opportunity to go to a new place with delicious food and spend a day outside the city with friends. Alternatively, you can go to the skating rink in Skolkovo, where there is an excellent restaurant, a huge snow-covered park and dozens of children's figures for skiing - penguins, which are convenient to hold not only for children but also for adults.

You can go somewhere out of town, for example, to Bolotov’s Dacha, and there you can use the free option to take skates “just try” (for a minute, for five, for three hours, if you like) and go for the frozen pond. There no one is trying to make beautiful pa, instead, everyone laughter falls into the snowdrifts. Conditions when the skating rink and rental are free of charge applied to rest, and no one regulates the issuance of skates, often reduce the beginner's degree of anxiety about a possible conviction or ridicule. There is a high probability of being the only person on the ice. Another great reason to skate can be the ice rink itself as a new place.

Should I go to see Sevcable in St. Petersburg and not go for a ride on the “skating rink by the sea” for at least 15 minutes? At least for the sake of photography overlooking the bridge and the bay? This, of course, is possible, but it has been tested on oneself: as soon as you find yourself next to this rink, I immediately want to try to get on the ice.

How to stop being afraid and finally skate

Of course, there are not only beginners and not only those who are afraid of ice rinks. If everything written is not about you, the advice will be completely different. If you want to ride and do not know how to do it too much, you can go to training in Gorky Park.

Take two strong and confident friends to the rink so that they support you in every sense.

If you just want to drive with pleasure, it is best to go to Izmailovo: there is an ice rink with an area of ​​8 thousand square meters and there is an opportunity to accelerate. And the smallest skating rink - but free, which is extremely rare - works in the center, on Chistye Prudy.

How to stop being afraid and finally skate



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