How to start wrestling: 10 main questions for a trainer

Is it possible to start wrestling in adulthood? What are the specifics of training? What equipment is needed to come to class? Do they take girls? These and other questions are answered by Ruslan Isakov, a master of sports of international class, a multiple prize-winner of the championships of Russia and a coach in Greco-Roman wrestling.

- Perhaps this is the only kind of martial arts, where there is no purpose to cause damage to the opponent. There are no painful techniques and shock equipment. Wrestling includes Greco-Roman, freestyle and women's. According to the rules of Greco-Roman wrestling, it is forbidden to use the legs and attack the lower body of the enemy.

Only torso is used. In freestyle wrestling, work goes on with both hands and feet. Captures of enemy legs, sweeps are allowed.

- There will be enough professional shoes, sports shorts and a rashguard (a tight T-shirt with short or long sleeves .-- Note.

ed. ). Children usually practice wrestling in shorts, T-shirts and thin-soled athletic shoes. It is important that the clothes fit completely to the body - during the fight, no one should have advantages.

How to start wrestling: 10 main questions for a trainer

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- Wrestling is one of the most affordable kinds of sports. Classes are usually free. If the training is paid, there is a high probability that the coach does not work for the result, but simply teaches the basics of the struggle. If you have serious intentions and you are determined to engage in professional wrestling, over time you will need to purchase wrestling shoes (special sports shoes designed for martial arts. - approx.

Ed. ) and two wrestling tights - red and blue. This is enough to compete.

- An adult who does not have experience in wrestling, without an individual approach It will be difficult to do. You need to master a lot of exercises from the preparatory base and techniques before going on the carpet against an opponent.

If a person went in for sports in childhood and has an idea of ​​wrestling, everything will be much simpler. Those who have sports experience behind them perceive information in a different way, master the technique faster.

How to start wrestling: 10 main questions for a trainer

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- In wrestling, there are just no blows to the head. A head bump on a carpet or mat can happen, but this rarely leads to serious injuries.

- Wrestling is one of the most time-consuming martial arts, a contact sport . Naturally, there are collisions, bruises, sprains. Serious injuries also occur, but there are fewer injuries than, for example, MMA fighters. We have carpets, mats - these are soft surfaces. Competent trainers try to work out the correct technique with athletes so that they can avoid injuries.

- In our time it is not uncommon, now women's wrestling is actively developing not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Of course, there are more men in wrestling, but now there is a significant increase in women's teams. This Olympic sport is practiced by girls with a strong, daring character. It is difficult for those who are softer: when fighting, they pull at the neck and hair.

How to start wrestling: 10 main questions for a trainer

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- In order to start practicing any a sport, regardless of focus, you must undergo a medical examination and provide a certificate that you are healthy. There are no specific contraindications for wrestling, the main thing is that there should be no problems with the musculoskeletal system and chronic diseases incompatible with sports.

- Specificity of training - in the number of repetitions of exercises that strengthen the body of the athlete, and also exercises that will help him to correctly carry out technical actions (techniques) so as not to injure his partner during training and competitions. The exercises are different: they are aimed at developing sustainability, and so that the athlete can group correctly. It is also important that the wrestlers have strong neck muscles.

- The systematicity and number of repetitions of exercises is important: when the athlete has the set technique, he can overcome a stronger opponent at the expense of skill. But when athletes of approximately the same level of technology and skill meet in competitions, a war of characters begins. Somewhere you need to endure, somewhere to overcome yourself. The athlete must be developed in all areas: endurance, strength, flexibility, dexterity, good coordination of movements, stretching, intuition, determination and, of course, self-confidence. Wrestling is a sport for the strong in spirit.



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