How to start running and not giving up in the first months of training

Irina Lastochkina, the novice athlete and the leading 40ro-expert of the Sportmaster store, told The Challenger how she began to run regularly and what helped her not to deviate from the plan.

  • Running to a beautiful body

    I always liked to run, especially for long distances, probably it’s in my blood - my grandmother was an athlete. I did it irregularly, and then I had to get involved in running at all - study and work took a lot of time. In the end, I gained extra weight. The desire to get back in shape was the main incentive to resume training.

    In the early days, I ran early in the morning. Forcing myself to get out of bed, neither light nor dawn, was very difficult, but I wanted to regain a beautiful body - it was stronger than laziness. As a result, I had enough incentive to even add evening training to my schedule. When I go out for a run, I don’t focus on what distance I run, how long it takes. Most often in the morning I try to run at least five kilometers, and on weekends at least ten kilometers - I gradually increase the distance.

  • How not to give up at the beginning of the journey

    At first I didn’t have a clear training plan. The main goal in the first months is not to burn out and not give up training, so I chose short runs, and sometimes I even allowed myself to go fast walking instead of running. At the same time, she tried to maintain an optimal heart rate and slightly increased her training time and distance. The main advice for beginners: try to find an incentive, ask yourself the question, why do you need a run, what do you want to get thanks to it. Let classes become a source of joy and a good habit for you, and not a burden.

    I know that many people in the company of like-minded people help many people not to quit training. As for me, now I am not a member of any running clubs, but in the future I may think about it.

  • Good equipment - a comfortable run

    I try to choose clothes from high-quality materials. I was lucky to work in a sports company - there are no problems with the choice of equipment. Sportmaster has a wide range of specialized clothes and shoes.

    For running, I choose leggings, T-shirts, shorts from Nike - these things perfectly absorb moisture, they are comfortable in sports. And they are also made of wear-resistant materials, which is also important. I prefer shoes from ASICS and Saucony. I also passed the test and picked up the right insoles for my running sneakers. Now my jogging has become much more comfortable.

    Such testing can be done in various sports stores, for example, in the same Sportmaster.

  • Go ahead with the song!

    Near my house is a park, most often I run over rough terrain. Most of all I like to run alone - this is the time to think, to set new goals for myself. I usually listen to music while jogging. It is curious that athletes unknowingly adjust their pace to the rhythm of the music, so you need to choose the playlist consciously, taking into account the cadence (frequency of runner steps per minute).

    When I just started running, I chose calm tunes, now I prefer more dynamic music. There are tracks that allow you to maintain a cadence of 180 steps per minute, but for me this is still an incredible pace.

To run and not to stop!

I managed to achieve my plan: the excess weight was gone (however, there is always something seek). So why am I continuing to run? I do not have an exact answer to this question, but I know that I will not give up training. Running changed me for the better: I began to take life consciously, began to pay attention to nutrition issues, I had more energy - after a morning run, the day at work was successful, and then my strength remained.

The plans include improving the running technique and endurance training, I really want to participate in the “Autumn Thunder” half-marathon. But the main goal is to run and not stop.



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