How to start greening an apartment (and not ruining a single flower in the process)

When choosing a pot, you need to focus on two parameters: material and size. Pots are plastic and ceramic. Both those and others have advantages and disadvantages.

Ceramic pots allow roots to breathe due to porosity. But they accumulate salt, and the pores in the clay become clogged.

The surface is covered with salts, it does not look good. Clay pots coated with glaze on top are also not the best option, because there is no use for such a pot for a plant. This is the same plastic container, but twice as expensive.

Plastic pots are cheaper, they are beautiful, but there are also those that will not be a pity to throw out later. In plastic pots, the root system does not stick to the walls, that is, the transplant will be easy.

In addition, a plastic pot is not as heavy as clay, and if you plant a large plant, then it will be easier to transfer, rearrange, transplant.

As for the size, it’s worth starting from why you need a pot. There is a transplant and transshipment of plants. When we transplant, we pull out the plant and free most of the root system from the ground. In this case, we can plant it in the same pot.

If you don’t like it, you can pick up any pot, but about the same size. If you are transshipment, that is, you take the plant out of the old pot along with an earthen lump that does not collapse, and transfer it to another larger pot, in which case you need to attach two fingers to the earth that you pulled out with the plant, and two fingers from the previous one, pick up a new pot. Do not immediately take a large pot, supposedly for growth. Planting a small plant in a very large pot, you certainly doom it to death. The thing is that a small plant has a small root system, and when you plant in a large amount of land and water it, this root system does not cope with the absorption of all the moisture that you give it.

After a while, the plant simply rots and dies. It is better to transplant more often, about once a year, and each time increase the size of the pot.



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