How to save on sports: 20 ways

Which is better - go to the gym or exercise at home? Where is running profitable? How not to lose all the money for personal training? We have collected 20 ways to save on sports activities.

  1. Do not chase everything at once. In premium fitness clubs, you can work out, eat a low-calorie dessert, and get a massage. But if you plan to just run on the track and pull the dumbbells, the budget old-school rocking chair is suitable for you.
  2. Buy the cheapest subscription - morning.

    Are you flexible? On the morning subscription, the club is allowed to attend from opening to lunch and, as a rule, on weekends. You won’t be able to work out in the evening, but from 18 to 21 there are such crowds in clubs that you may not need this.

  3. Practice at the expense of the company. Fortunately, employers began to realize that a healthy and happy employee is a profitable investment. Some companies pay employees subscriptions to fitness clubs or partially compensate for their cost.

  4. Choose student and youth subscriptions before it’s too late. Many clubs give discounts to students and young people up to 25. An important nuance: you can buy such a subscription a couple of days before the 26th anniversary or graduation and be free to use for another year.
  5. Track discounts. Do not rush to buy a subscription on the same day.

    Fitness clubs have active marketing. They make discounts on season tickets before the New Year, on Black Friday, on the club’s birthday, and on other occasions. Subscribe in social networks to the clubs you are interested in so as not to miss fat offers. Sites with coupons (greetings from 2010) are also still alive. At the same “Biglione” there will be a dozen clubs with discounts.

    New clubs begin selling season tickets long before opening with big discounts. This is beneficial, but risky: the discovery is sometimes delayed.

  6. Ask for discounts. Just ask the club manager a direct question. Surely there is something: discounts for friends or seasonal discounts.

  7. Get the most out of your free workouts. As a rule, the subscription includes free training with a personal trainer - one or more. In these classes, the trainer should give an introductory briefing and explain how to use the basic simulators. But no one bothers to take everything from these trainings: ask the coach questions, ask about the most effective exercises and ask you to draw up a program for you.
  8. Practice your personal trainer thoughtfully.

    If after a briefing you are afraid to go to the simulator, take a personal trainer. For personal training, of course, you have to pay extra. We advise you to pay for several classes and immediately learn to do without a coach. An unscrupulous trainer will try to tie you to himself so that you continue to feel like a blind kitten in the gym. Do not get fooled: if you master the technique, then you can do without a coach.

  9. Engage in a group. In many fitness clubs, group workouts are good, try it.
  10. Do not forget about freezing. Almost any subscription can be suspended for several days, but everyone forgets about it. Before leaving or during sick leave, notify the manager.

    When the subscription runs out, these saved days come in handy.

  11. Carry water and food with you. Raiding fitness bars is expensive. Have a light snack and a bottle of water on hand if there is no cooler in the club.
  12. Try before you buy a subscription.

    Make sure the club suits you. In many clubs, the first training is free.

How to save on sports: 20 ways

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Workouts at home, on the street and in sections

  1. Repeat for the pros. At home, you can also engage fully. See YouTube-channels , download thematic applications .

    On the Challenger, we also regularly post useful trainings .

  2. Exercise in the fresh air. In summer and spring, outdoor training is even preferable. Run in the park and on the stairs, take a closer look at the simulators in the courtyards. For fun, call your friends.

    Volleyball, basketball and other team games are also a good load.

  3. Go to training from sports brands. Nike and Reebok learn how to run for free and conduct functional and strength training all year round. adidas has a running club operating throughout Russia.
  4. Go to training sessions from schools and studios.

    In summer, Moscow parks host yoga, dance and zumba trainings. In winter, activity subsides, but you can still find free training. For example, Sejong Center holds yoga classes every Sunday.

  5. Go to the free public sections. The centers of physical education and sports have free sections - for children, adults and senior citizens.

    Information on the Moscow sections can be found on the mayor's website.

How to save on sports: 20 ways

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  1. Do not waste your clothes. After an hour of intense training, you will not care what brand of T-shirt you are wearing. On sports shoes, on the contrary, it is not worth saving - it is better to buy one pair, but in which it will be comfortable.
  2. Buy used equipment.

    To assemble a full-fledged gym expensive at home, but all the same equipment can be bought at Avito much cheaper. The main thing is to decide what exactly you need and why.

  3. Use available tools. Replace the same dumbbells with water bottles, and stable chairs can serve as a step platform.

How to save on sports: 20 ways

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