How to run in the winter and have fun: 6 tips from Katya Moiseeva

Katya Moiseeva, the author of Run Magazine and the ideological inspirer of the RUNLABclub running club, shares important tips on how to run in winter. It’s definitely worth listening to.

How to run in the winter and have fun: 6 tips from Katya Moiseeva

Katya Moiseeva

- This is my third running winter. I do not like the word " motivation" , for some reason I associate it with the need to force myself. I like to run and I run.

I have a goal to be faster - this is my main incentive. Everyone knows that from sports, serotonin and endorphins are produced. Serotonin is responsible for pleasure, endorphins - for satisfaction, for example, from a job well done. And all this is about a good mood, positive thinking, a feeling of happiness. Even when you don’t feel like leaving home, it’s very important to force yourself to go beyond the threshold and run - in a few minutes the world will change!

In winter, I run a maximum of 26-27 kilometers.

I remember that after the New Year in 2016, we ran a long cross in Ryazan at 15-18 degrees of frost - it was extreme. I am not an extreme runner, so if it is very cold outside, I try to run in the arena. It’s boring to wind up 25 kilometers in the arena along a 400-meter track (62.5 laps). But it’s better.

You need to run in winter, because that this is the base period for preparing for the season. As you spend the winter, you will run in the summer. It is in winter that it is best to run across cross-country volumes and develop speed qualities. Any break in sports always carries a number of negative consequences. The first is the loss of form.

Of course, there is muscle memory, and after a winter break you will return to shape faster than someone who has never been involved in jogging, but you may not be able to improve your shape. Second moment - the probability of injury increases. For backward adaptation, the ligaments require up to six months, because the musculoskeletal system is weaned from the load. Joints and ligaments may simply not stand after a long break. Plus, after the break, there will be a great desire to force things, you remember how fast you already ran, and now you feel that you are running very slowly.

Forcing events can cause injury.

How to run in the winter and have fun: 6 tips from Katya Moiseeva

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If you run to keep fit and healthy, then treadmill (treadmill - treadmill. - Ed. ) is an acceptable replacement for slippery paths in a park. But if you are an ambitious runner, it is better to go to the arena and continue to train there.

And only part of the crosses to do on a treadmill. We sit so much indoors and in the office that jogging on the street is a great way to get some fresh air.

I like to run in Odintsovo on the Lazutinsky ski the track, it’s so beautiful there in winter. If you want a flat and cleaned coating, I run in Luzhniki along the Vorobyovy Gory embankment. And also along the cycle road in Krylatskoye, there are little mountains.

How to run in the winter and have fun: 6 tips from Katya Moiseeva

Photo from Katya's archive

The principle of layering is our everything. The colder the window, the more layers. You need to understand that when you run and warm up, you will not be cold.

The warmest winter outfit, which is suitable up to minus 20 degrees, should consist of the following clothes:

  • top;
  • shirt ;
  • longsleeve (sports shirt with long sleeves), it can be with a thermal effect if it is very cold;
  • sports jacket (fleska);
  • tights (leggings). If it's cold, instead of leggings it is better to wear warm winter pants;
  • windproof jacket;
  • buff on the neck (often I pull it on the hat);
  • hat and gloves;
  • thermal socks - for those who have cold feet.

If the street is warmer minus 20, of course, you need to wear less clothes.

How to run in the winter and have fun: 6 tips from Katya Moiseeva

There are running shoes with Shield and Gore-Tex technology - these are waterproof versions of running shoes. I’m running in normal summer versions. When a lot of snow and road sweeps, I run in trail sneakers - they have a ribbed sole and legs do not slip.

Running works - intervals, intervals - in the winter better to perform in the arena.

There is no ice, breath does not intercept from frosty air. In the arena you will be as effective as possible.

In winter, you should not warm up and stretch outside . Better to do it at home. The joint warm-up before jogging must be done warmly.

The main thing to remember: you can’t to stay warm and wet on the street, after a run you need to go into the heat immediately and change into dry clothes. Then you definitely will not get sick.

How to run in the winter and have fun: 6 tips from Katya Moiseeva

Photo from Katya's archive

To prevent the legs from being frozen and muscles warm up before training in the cold, rub them well with a warming ointment, for example " Nicoflex. " It will warm thanks to its burning effect and will help to disperse the blood and remove toxins from the muscles after a run.

Katya has her own blog and Instagram - where she also shares running tips and cool recipes for athletes.



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