How to return to training after an injury or a long break: 5 exercises

At the triathlon distance in Sochi, World Class coach Ilya Kosov fell off his bicycle, broke two elbow joints, but ended the race anyway. Six months later, he made a full IRONMAN and received a slot for the World Cup. In this article, Ilya told how he returned to training after injuries, and showed the exercises that helped in this.

After an injury or a break, it is better to do simple and universal exercises. Most of these exercises involve the muscles of the whole body.

Extending your arms is the only isolated exercise: it trains triceps.

  1. Accept the stop lying with support on socks or knees. Hands are under the shoulders. The legs are the width of the pelvis. Do not bend in the lower back.

  2. As you inhale, bend your arms and lower the body.
  3. On exhalation, return to the starting position.
  4. Do ten push-ups. Take a break one minute. Then do nine push-ups and rest for another minute.

    Continue to reduce the number of push-ups until you reach one.

How to return to training after an injury or a long break: 5 exercises

Photo: Cyril Skom

  1. Take the position of the bar with support on the forearms. The body forms one straight line. Do not bend in the lower back. The pelvis is slightly twisted.

    The stomach is tense. With the crown of your head, try to reach forward.

  2. Stand on the bar for 30 seconds. In subsequent workouts, increase the time by 15 seconds and gradually bring to two minutes.
  1. In one hand, take a dumbbell of comfortable weight for yourself.

    Adjust your weight so that it is difficult only in the last two repetitions.

  2. Get down on one knee. Tilt the housing slightly forward. Bend your arm with a dumbbell. Forearm pointing down.

  3. As you exhale, extend your arm. At the top, try to maximize your triceps. Do the exercise slowly, without jerking.
  4. On inspiration, return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the exercise 12-16 times.

  6. Change your hand.
  7. Rest for one minute and do another 1-3 sets on each hand.
  1. Lie down on the floor with your stomach. Pull your hands forward. Connect your legs.

    The look is directed to the floor.

  2. While exhaling, raise your arms and legs at the same time.
  3. On inspiration, return to the starting position. Do the exercise smoothly. Follow the rhythm: go up two counts, go down two counts.

  4. Repeat the exercise 12-16 times.
  5. Rest for one minute and take another 2-4 sets.
  1. Take dumbbells for your comfortable weight.
  2. Stand straight. Spread your shoulders.

    The legs are the width of the pelvis. Bend your arms at an angle of 90 degrees and press them against the body. The back is straight. The stomach is tense.

  3. Step forward broadly and simultaneously raise your arms to parallel with the floor.

    Angles of 90 degrees should be maintained at both the knees and elbows. The leg behind hangs over the floor, but does not touch it. At the lowest point, try not to lean.

  4. Push the heel off the floor and return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

  6. Change the leg.
  7. Rest for one minute and do another 1-3 sets on each leg.

I have been swimming since childhood. At the age of 15, he fulfilled the standard of a master of sports, and at 19 he already left swimming. It seemed that in this sport I did everything I could.

Even then, I started working as a trainer and could earn that.

In 2013, a friend and I decided to run the Moscow marathon. I’ll clarify that I swam sprint distances, that is, 50-100 and a maximum of 200 meters. All that was more than two minutes was torture for me, and here is a whole marathon for 42 kilometers. But still I decided to try.

We started training with a friend - and almost immediately both injured the Achilles. They didn’t really recover, but still decided to participate. I ran that marathon in 3 hours 39 minutes and was wildly happy. In the middle of the distance, I didn’t understand at all how I could finish and why this distance exhausted me, a strong master of sports. I immediately wanted to improve the result next year.

I generally like to return to the same starts and see how much I have progressed. I ran the Moscow marathon three times, and each time it turned out faster.

I tried the triathlon for the first time in 2016. It was a start in Klenovo. I rented a bicycle, already in the third workout I fell off it and I was all ragged.

The scars still remain. But that did not stop. I then finished the swimming stage first and thought that I would pass the cycle stage along with everyone. As a result, I was overtaken by everyone and sundry, five hundred people seem. Although all there participated three hundred.

It turned out very funny. On the run, I did not play much and took a place at the bottom of the table.

After a slap in the face in Klenov I came home and registered for half of IRONMAN in Mallorca. I decided to go there with more serious intentions. I had nine months to prepare.

He trained about ten hours a week. He maintained a swimming base, emphasized running and periodically pedaled. In cycling, I didn’t understand anything at all, and even now I don’t really understand. Cycling is still my "lagging" look.

In Mallorca, I had enough training to break out into the leaders in swimming.

But according to the results of the entire race, I took only 30th place in the group. However, my group - from 30 to 34 years old - is the strongest. The one who wins in this group usually wins the entire race. After that start, I set a goal to make a full IRONMAN. Therefore, the next year I registered in Barcelona, ​​and chose Sochi as an intermediate start.

I never I don’t try to overtake someone or take a certain place. It’s important for me to beat my own results. I believe that in amateur sports this should be the main stimulus. Amateur sports do not reveal an absolute championship. Today you can win, and tomorrow some master of sports will come and leave you behind.

Champions in amateur sports are those who progress without a sports background. For example, a person has been playing the guitar all his life, and at the age of 28 he began to study and at the age of 30 he selected for the IRONMAN World Championship. This is a super champion.

IRONMAN is not the title you receive in a race. This title you receive during training.

For the sake of IRONMAN, you must get used to the regimen, nutrition, training, learn how to build a life in such a way that everything is in time: to study, to work, and to devote time to the family. It's complicated. It is impossible to play sports without family support. I’m lucky that my wife is also an athlete in the past and understands me like no other.

After the start, you really realize how much work is behind you.

This race is changing you. For example, many triathletes do not return to bad habits after the iron distance. They just no longer see the point in this. They are now getting high from another.

At the start in Sochi, I really got injured: I broke two elbow joints.

At the bike stage, I made a childhood mistake: I turned unsuccessfully and flew off the track. I didn’t leave the race. Decided: once the legs twist, I will go further. There were still 83 kilometers ahead. I relied on my elbows - it helped.

Only now, my left hand pressed weakly on the brake, and I did not have enough strength to get a bottle of water. I arrived, but the result at the bike stage was depressing. The pain, of course, felt and understood that something was wrong with his hands. I ran with bent arms and caught up a little on a running stage. Finished eleventh.

Immediately after the race, the arms became swollen. I took pictures. The verdict of doctors: a fracture of both elbow joints and a left fracture with displacement. At first I did not believe that these were my pictures. The left hand was cast, the right hand was left "for domestic needs.

" I arrived in Sochi alone and with two plaster hands could neither brush my teeth nor get ready for the trip.

Opt out the upcoming start in Barcelona, ​​I was not going to. They promised to remove the gypsum in a month and laid it on rehabilitation for another month. But my legs were whole, and already on the third day after returning to Moscow, I began to practice. At first, I just walked and pedaled actively to maintain endurance.

On the tenth day, when the pain subsided, he began to increase speed.

After removing the cast, I wanted to immediately begin training in the pool. It was important for me not to lose the advantage in the swimming stage. But a fracture is a fracture: when I dived into the pool, I felt real pain. I had to give the body time.

He began full-fledged training in the pool and on a bicycle in August. The start in Barcelona was in October. To prepare for IRONMAN, this is disastrously small. During this time, he pulled all kinds as far as he could, but still did not return to the results before the fracture.

I went to start in Barcelona, ​​it takes place a week before the IRONMAN World Cup.

Either those who did not make it to the main start or those who plan to get there next year go to Barcelona. In Barcelona, ​​I became the tenth in the overall standings and set a personal record - 18th place in the history of the Russian triathlon. But before the selection for the championship I did not have two minutes.

He returned to Moscow, and I was unexpectedly offered to make another iron distance in December. This time in Argentina, at the championship of South America.

They play more slots on Konu than on other starts. I decided to go and try my luck. Eight weeks left.

A wild number of superstars came to Argentina, and from all over the world. On the day of the start, a storm began, and the organizers reduced the swimming distance by half.

This practice exists. This is bad for me, because I act out just on swimming. I lost my trump card and understood that I won’t be able to win, but it’s worth fighting for prizes. At the bicycle stage, for the first time in my life, I punctured a wheel and drove about 30 kilometers on a flat tire. Then the technicians changed the wheel for me.

I spent 30 seconds on this forced stop, but now 30 kilometers at a slow pace let me know. I finished the cycle with a terrible time, but played on the run. As a result, he took eighth place and received the coveted slot for the World Cup. Next year it will be my main start.

My injuries are a consequence carelessness.

Somewhere I did not care about safety and my health, somewhere I was too self-confident. If you correctly approach the training process, I think you can do without injuries at all.



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