How to read email: 23 tips

Inbox Zero, or “Zero Inbox,” is a community of people united by the idea of ​​keeping their mailbox empty (or almost empty). This helps to avoid missing important messages and spend less time viewing mail. Read how it works and what needs to be done below.

Delete what is no longer relevant - of course, if you are sure that it will no longer be useful to you. And click the "report spam" button on all dubious emails.

Just two steps - and you are already on your way to the "clean" box.

If you have already read the message, but are not sure that it is more for you no need, click "archive". It is likely that you will no longer need it, but otherwise you will be glad that you took care of its safety.

Sometimes to messages from newsletters to which we are subscribed "for fun" (blogs, news feeds, site updates), not enough time. Many store them in the hope of reading later.

But most likely, if you did not return to them in a week, you will never return to them.

Agree to the newsletters only if you are ready to receive them every day. However, if you delete or archive letters from the same company again and again, it may be time to click "unsubscribe".

Some services, for example Unroll. me, you can immediately abandon all advertising subscriptions.

If you are interested in a particular online store, it is better to bookmark its website and visit it when there is such a need. Also, ask to remove you from group conversations in which you are no longer needed.

You do not need to store in your inbox what is not in your area of ​​responsibility .

How to read email: 23 tips

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Personalize your folder system.

For example, for those who travel twice a year, one “travel” folder for storing vouchers, airline tickets and the like will be enough. And if you fly on business trips several times a month, you will need separate folders for each trip.

So ​​they will not clog the inbox and distract you. In the settings you can specify messages from which senders, with what words in the subject, with what set of recipients will be sent to the appropriate folder.

This function is available to those who use GMail.

In the settings, select the "Multiple Inbox" tab. Using this function, you can, for example, rank messages by priority, dividing them by "need an answer", "wait for someone else's answer", "forward" and "company news". So you will see which letters should be reacted in the first place.

Free application that works with Google mail:


. It allows you to sort the letters according to different lists - "make", "in progress" and "done.

" You can create any category with any name.

Each time you see new notifications on your phone letters, immediately delete them, archive, mark with an asterisk to return later, or reply immediately. And yes, the queue, the subway, traffic jam - the perfect opportunity to check your inbox.

For example, spend no more than 30 minutes every day to bring the box into order. Or define several time intervals: 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes before lunch and 15 minutes after dinner.

This way you won’t be distracted by notifications and will be able to focus on other tasks.

How to read email: 23 tips

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For example, sit on Friday night complete everything that was put off and archived all week. This will relieve you of anxiety on Monday - the alarm caused by the "full to top" box.

Just do it and forget it, and don't put it off indefinitely - otherwise you can never return to them.

Different mail services make it possible to mark important messages in different ways. If you are in a hurry and cannot answer the letter or you need more information to answer, just mark it. Return to the "asterisk" messages when there is more time.

Even if you do not have time at all, take a dozen seconds to print something like "now, unfortunately, there is no time, but I will return to this issue in a day, next week, on the weekend." And do not forget to mark this letter.

When you have no time to be distracted, pause your work with mail by disabling pop-up notifications. You can use plugins for mail, for example


for Google. It pauses the mailbox for a while and allows you to set up automatic reply. You can add “exception addresses” to it from which you still want to receive letters.

Let's say, in a month you plan to go on some the festival.

But you don’t need to keep the invitation letter in the box all month. Using Boomerang, Su254erhuman, MixMax or Streak, you can hide messages until the date when you need it again - two days before the festival for example.

How to read email: 23 tips

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If you can reply to the letter now , but an answer is expected from you in a week, you can create an answer and schedule the time of sending. So you don’t have to keep the message in the box for a whole week.

Also, set reminders to remember about pending messages.

You can save interesting articles for reading in special programs, and not in inbox. Evernote or Pocket will do.

Instead of leaving letters as reminders of what needs to be done, Save tasks to your calendar or to-do apps.

Set yourself a border, say 30 letters, and if by the end of the day they the amount is significantly higher, take 15 minutes to deal with them.

If there are fewer, just relax.

Do not go to extremes and do not go in cycles. The Inbox Zero system is designed to make your life easier, and not make you a manic hostage of your own mail. Use the techniques that suit you, and don't be afraid to implement your own rules and life hacks.

How to read email: 23 tips

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