How to pump up your neck at home - safe exercises

Some athletes, especially men, would like to have a more inflated neck. They perform special exercises in the gym to help develop this muscle group. Other people prefer to practice at home, but, in fact, the meaning of the exercises remains the same. Therefore, let's analyze the following question: how to pump up the neck at home. You can apply the same knowledge in the hall and in any other conditions.

Along with this, people periodically are interested in how to pump up the neck with dumbbells. Theoretically, a dumbbell can be used as a weight when performing exercises with weight.

Is it necessary to pump it?

Before answering the question of how to properly inflate the neck, let's find out for whom it is generally advisable.

How to pump up your neck at home - safe exercises

Purposeful pumping of the cervical muscles is not common. We are not talking about exercise therapy, but about the additional development of the muscles of this area.

A strong neck is usually needed for wrestlers. Bodybuilders do not usually give this part of the body much attention. And this is primarily due to the risk of damage to the spine.

The cervical spine is the most fragile, mobile and weak spot in our spinal column. Its damage will lead to consequences of varying severity.

And to damage the neck is very simple - just take too much weight.

If strengthening neck muscles is of great importance to you, then I will tell you how to safely do it. But first, pay attention to those points in the presence of which neck training should be limited only to exercise therapy exercises.


The most serious contraindications for training neck muscles are cervical osteochondrosis, instability of the cervical vertebrae. Under these circumstances, work with weights is prohibited, forget about the strap and inflated neck.

There are a number of exercises for you too, but they are associated with strengthening the neck muscles.


Before loading the neck, you need to warm up the muscles of the neck and its joints.

    • To do this, stand upright, place your feet shoulder-width apart. Leave your hands on the belt. Some people may feel dizzy during exercise.

      Therefore, be careful.

    • Tilt your head to the right all the way, then to the left. Slow.
    • Turn your head clockwise and vice versa. Again, doing everything slowly.

      When you rotate your head, try to draw a circle with a maximum radius.

    • Another great exercise is when you draw a huge eight with your nose in the air. The movement is complex, so it perfectly warms the neck.

Allow at least 2-3 minutes to warm up. And never start working with cold muscles.

Entry-level exercises

The following is an example of how to build a neck at home.

This neck muscle training is performed without dumbbells, pancakes and other weights. Enough of your own hands and towels.

Flexion and extension of the neck

Sit on a chair located in front of the table. Put your elbows on the table, tilt your head and put your forehead on the surface of the table.

    • Hands grasp the head and push on it from above. With the muscles of the neck, try to raise your head. Dose the force of the hands so that you can still raise your head, but with effort. It is important to give a load, and not to damage the neck.
    • Do 10-12 such movements under the pressure of the hands.

Instead of hands, you can use a towel - it will even be more convenient. Next, train the opposite muscles.

  • Now, at the same table, rest your forehead in the palm of your hand. The elbows are on the table.
  • Try to push your elbows into the table.

This is a static exercise, if you want speakers, you will need a rubber bandage.

    • Firmly grasp its ends in two hands, on the sides of the head, pull the middle through the forehead. Take your hands a little back, but to make you comfortable.
    • Tilt your head down - the tape will resist, and the muscles will train.
    • Repeat 10-12 times.

This is a safe way to train your neck muscles.

Flexion and extension can be performed due to the own weight of the head. It weighs not as little as you think.

  • Lie on your back or stomach. The head should hang.

  • Raise your head under your own weight 3-4 sets of 15 times.

This is an excellent exercise for those people whose neck muscles are not yet strong enough. And this is also a good example of how to pump your neck at home without much difficulty.

Training of the lateral muscles

This exercise is done from a sitting position and illustrates well how to strengthen the neck muscles on the side.

  • Grasp your head with your palms on the sides.

  • Tilt your head 10 times in each direction (left and right), resisting with the same hand.

You can hold the movement, then you will conduct a static training. Or succumb, then the head will move sideways and get a speaker.

Naturally, training with weights is much more interesting and relevant than using this method. But with diseases of the cervical spine, training with weights is prohibited.

To neck muscles at home gradually strengthened, you need to give them a progressive load. You can increase the number of repetitions or approaches, as well as perform other exercises.

If your cervical spine is completely healthy and you intend to pump your muscles further - after several months of such gymnastics, you can proceed to a heavier load.

How to pump up your neck at home - safe exercises

Now we will analyze how to build neck muscles with weights.

Exercises with a strap and weights

Using the strap, you can effectively pump up the neck muscles.

How to pump up your neck at home with dumbbells:

  1. We lie on your back, on a fairly solid sofa or couch, hang your head so that the back of the head hangs in the air.We attach the available weight to the strap that is mounted on the head (you can do the strap yourself, you can buy it). Take your head back and raise it, pressing the chin to the chest. We do 10-12 of these movements.
  2. Now we lie down on our stomach, do the same, but in the reverse order - we raise our heads from below from the bottom (we take them back).

  3. We lie down on the right side - we do the bending of the neck with the weight to the left.
  4. We lie down on the left side - we repeat the same for the other side.

How to pump your neck in the gym - exactly the same. It's just that it’s more convenient to do muscle-building in the fitness room - the dumbbell row is good there, there are straps and as many pancakes as you need. Therefore, you can choose the optimal weight for yourself and do the exercise on a comfortable bench.

Since the neck has the most common muscles, people want to know how to quickly pump this area. And here a serious problem arises - it does not swing quickly. Due to the vulnerability of the vertebrae, it is impossible to work with large weights in principle.

So, if by nature there is no powerful neck - you will swing it for a long time and with difficulty. All hope for the top of the trapezoid.

Pumping them up is a lot easier.

The muscles of the neck are exactly the same muscles as the others. But due to the vulnerability of the spine in this area, you can not give them maximum load like legs or biceps. In general, you can train your neck 1-2 times a week.

The exercises must be done carefully.

Avoid sudden movements. Slowly and smoothly warm up the joints before training. Be sure to stretch after exercise. No need to perform sharp and quick movements of the head at the workout.

With these simple tips, you will minimize the risk of vertebral damage.

In case of neglect of these tips, very quickly the question of how to cure your neck, not pump it up, may become more relevant for you.

When you need to stop classes!

When pumping up your muscles, do not forget about the health of the cervical spine.

Please note that if you notice the following things in time, you will prevent a catastrophe:

  1. Your eyes began to darken. After the first darkening, analyze what it came from. It can be a sharp change in body position.

    If the eyes darkened at rest - it is worth thinking and stopping the lesson.

  2. No inflated muscle corset is worth your health problems. If there is a headache, insomnia and, most unpleasant, sharp pain during head turns - we stop classes and go to a neurologist.

How to pump up your neck at home - safe exercises

Muscle pain after exercise is normal. The main thing is to distinguish it from joint pain.

How to pump your neck is a clear question, but, most importantly, you need to maintain her health. Remember, the greater the mobility of a joint, the more vulnerable it is.

In what exercises the neck works additionally

For those who are disappointed in their abilities, I tell you: the neck can be pumped in parallel with other muscles.

Here are two striking examples: the press on the Roman chair and hyperextension.

When you are in a Roman chair, take a pancake and place it before your eyes.

Leaning back, a little head back. And when you come back, bend your neck. Thus, your neck gets a load along with the abs.

How to pump up your neck at home - safe exercises

During hyperextension, keep the pancake on the back of the head. Lower your head slightly and raise it while moving (naturally, the head does not move by itself, but synchronously with the back).

An exercise such as a bar gives a static load on the neck.

Due to the fact that the neck is involved in many exercises, it can be pumped together with other muscles.



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