How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

Most people will tell you that pushing up your arms just won't work out. They are both right and wrong. And now we’ll try to explain why.

Why push-ups are needed

Of course, with the help of push-ups you can develop the muscles of the arms, chest and shoulders. This is a favorite karate exercise.

For physical education students, this is a favorite way to punish naughty students. And for you - it can become a valid tool for pumping hands.

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

However, we immediately make a reservation that it is possible to achieve such hands as iron Arnie with push-ups impossible.

  1. The thing is that for a significant increase in muscle volume it is necessary, firstly, to increase working weights. And your body weight is relatively stable.

    With standard push-ups, you lift 70% of the mass of your body. Raising your legs on the bench - you increase this percentage. An option to solve this problem is to use weights.

  2. Secondly, the mechanics of movement itself imply a load on the pectoral muscles and triceps. You can not pump up biceps with push-ups.

But, do not immediately discard this exercise as ineffective! To increase the shoulder volume by a couple of centimeters and increase strength indicators - this is quite possible.

In addition to the development of muscle strength in the upper body, push-ups are useful for:

  • Normalization of blood pressure.
  • The development of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.
  • Increases Stamina.
  • Vivacity of body and spirit, if you do push-ups in the morning.

This exercise is a simple and painless way to train your torso when you do not have enough time or money to visit the gym.

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

How many push-ups to do

The frequency of training using push-ups, as well as the number of repetitions and approaches, depends on your goals:

  1. If you want to pump up your arms and muscles of your upper body, develop strength - you must do push-ups 3 times a week, in 4-5 sets of 6-8 times with weights. What is weighting and how to apply it in this case we will tell a little later.
  2. As one of the charging elements, we recommend pushing up every morning for 10-30 times.
  3. To increase endurance - we push out 2 times a week for a maximum of 2-3 approaches.

    Over time, the number of repetitions will increase, volumes may decrease. You do not train strength, but endurance.

Push-up techniques for all occasions

To warm up the muscles before a workout, do a little warm-up. Warmed up? Then proceed to the exercise!

Inverse push-ups for triceps

Talk about reverse push-ups. With their help, you can load the triceps as much as possible and remove the load from the chest.

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

To pump up triceps this means, for the most part, to pump up your hands. After all, triceps makes up to 70% of the muscles of the upper arm, and biceps - only 30%. In particular, it is therefore useless to swing biceps alone for the thickness of the arms.

To pump up the triceps, you can perform the exercise in two versions: legs on the floor and legs at the same level as the hands, that is, raised to the support.

Option 1 (easier):

  1. We take a chair (we need it to be stable and not to fall apart during the exercise - we swing the triceps and not break the tailbone).

    Ideally, of course, use a sports bench.

  2. We turn our back to him and lean on him with straight arms. Elbows look back and they are located strictly parallel to each other! That is, the arms are shoulder width apart.
  3. Legs together, stretch them forward so that the lower back is next to the chair. Try to go down as far as possible.

    The elbows will go up. Keep them parallel.

  4. Extend your arms and rise to the starting position. Feet should not ride back and forth.
  5. Repeat this movement as many times as necessary.

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

Option 2 (more complicated):

  1. We take two chairs! We repeat the first two points from option 1. That is, we put our hands firmly on one behind our back.
  2. Now, attention: we put our legs slightly bent at the knees with our heels on another chair. Keep feet together. Thus, your body rests on your hands and heels.

  3. Lower your pelvis as far as possible. Heavier? That's right, this is a more difficult version of reverse push-ups. And more effective. Watch your shoulder sensations. If you experience discomfort, return to the previous version of the exercise.

  4. The movement of the body occurs strictly up and down. Down - on the inhale, up - on the exhale. Breathing is the basis of the basics!

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

Now about the use of weights. In reverse push-ups, you can increase efficiency with extra weights. Recommended only for the second option when you are using two chairs.

The exercise becomes really difficult and it is for them to really pump up the volume of the triceps, and hence the thickness of the arm.

If you have a barbell at home, take pancakes and put the right weight on your hips. If there are no pancakes, use any convenient weight (for example, a dumbbell, weighting materials, a satchel). A good idea always comes after desire. The most important thing is to keep safe!

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

It is allowed to use the help of a partner - put him on top (better partner, it is easier).

Try it if you are strong enough.

Go to the burden should only be when your muscles are strong enough. And for the first time you should learn how to do back push-ups without weight.

On the reverse push-ups for triceps it would be possible to finish, however, in order to illuminate the issue most fully, below we consider two more types of push-ups. This is a classic (push-ups from the floor) with different arms and vertical push-ups.

The first exercise will help you tone the entire upper body, and the second will be a real test of the strength of the arms and shoulders.

Push-ups from the floor

The most convenient and cheapest way to train is push-ups from the floor. The chest, triceps, and shoulders work in this exercise.And here, gentlemen, attention: muscle groups that will be maximally loaded depend on the position of your palms.

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

We give 4 options for the position of the palms and 2 positions of the elbows.

There will be 5 varieties of exercise in total. Experiment which muscles you feel more in each case.

  • Palms forward, elbows pressed to the body. The classic pose, the load is distributed between the deltas and triceps.
  • Palms of fingers to each other.

    Elbows when lowering the body go in opposite directions. Most of the load gets the chest.

  • Fingers look back, elbows pressed to the body. Maximum load on the front deltas. Triceps involvement is secondary.

  • Fingers to the sides, palms wide apart. Strengthening the load on the pectoral muscles.
  • Classic pose - arms are spread wide, fingers are looking forward. Load balancing between deltas, breasts and triceps.

You can combine these options, doing 10-15 repetitions for each case.

This exercise (without extra weight) can not build muscle, but it will work fine as a charge or to maintain the overall tone of the muscles of the chest and arms.


  1. Choose your preferred hand arrangement. Put your feet together or slightly away from each other (10-15 centimeters).
  2. On inspiration, we go down to the floor, but do not lie down on it (the body should be absolutely straight, the abs and buttocks are tense). We hold on for 1-2 seconds.

    You can not linger.

  3. We rise to the starting position and repeat the exercise the required number of times.
  4. The body should be held straight. The angle between the legs and the body is 0 degrees.

Frequent errors - the pelvis falls down or bulges up.

You don’t need to do this!

Upside-down push-ups

This is at the same time the most effective and technically most difficult push-ups. It is used to train the arms and shoulders. The chest in this case does not work. We recommend practicing such push-ups to very strong and trained people.

How to pump up your hands with push-ups - we analyze in detail

Vertical push-ups are not suitable for everyone, as a sharp change in body position can lead to loss of consciousness.

A useful accessory for push-ups

If you are a fan of push-ups, we recommend that you purchase special stops for this. Each emphasis allows you to hold steady on your hand. Thanks to such devices, you can put your hands at any angle, training various parts of the arms and shoulder, chest.

If you had wrist injuries, this is a great way to avoid joint pain, as the hand does not bend, as in the case of push-ups on the floor.



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