How to pump up the press on the horizontal bar - 9 best exercises

Athletes are more likely to develop abdominal muscles through routine exercises performed lying on the floor. However, it is possible to train the abdominal muscles in the position of hanging on the horizontal bar.

How to pump up the press on the horizontal bar - 9 best exercises

Advantages of the crossbar

Classes on this simulator have several advantages:

  1. Unusual load. Exercise on the horizontal bar is fundamentally different from other abdominal exercises. This is due to the free position of the body, which does not have a clear support.

  2. The study of small muscles. The athlete, while strengthening the press on the horizontal bar, is forced to keep the body from swaying and turning, which positively affects the development of body stabilizers.
  3. "Drawing" of the relief. Thanks to the hanging position and working with its own weight, the athlete easily achieves a “burning” in the abdominal muscles, which ultimately helps to improve its outline.
  4. Training the lower back and arms.

    Regular exercises on the abs muscles on the horizontal bar strengthen the lumbar and develop carpal grip.

  5. The projectile is simple and accessible - it can be found in the nearest yard.

If you decide to study at home, we recommend that you pay attention to the following simulators: combined “horizontal bar-bars” and the Swedish wall. The advantage of the first is the ability to work out the back, abs, triceps and lower chest. The second allows you to perform an effective corner exercise, leaning your back on the crossbar, which beginners will appreciate.

Features of the training

The following recommendations will help to increase the efficiency and safety of training on the horizontal bar:

  • When performing direct lifts the legs, the lower part of the press. If you twist the case in the upside down position, then the upper part receives the load. With lateral leads and turns oblique muscles are trained. Therefore, to maximize the use of the abdominal muscles, be sure to combine exercises.
  • Novice athletes have weak wrist grip, which prevents them from performing exercises on the crossbar.

    If you have the same problem, use special straps for pull-ups. In addition, we recommend strengthening the wrist joints and the strength of the hands. For these purposes, push-ups on fingers and fists, working with a rubber expander-ring, climbing a rope are perfect.

  • Experienced athletes hang upside down, catching on the crossbar with the back of the knee joint. But such a technique may be unsafe for beginners.

    Therefore, we recommend the use of inverse "shoes". The accessory consists of two tight cuffs equipped with a hook for a hook. “Boots” are attached to the ankles and safely hang upside down with their help.

  • Choose loads depending on the goals. If you want to improve the relief of the press, do 15-20 repetitions in each set.

    If the task is to increase the volume and strength of the abdominal muscles, reduce the number of repetitions to 10-12, use additional weights.For example, you can fix soft weighting agents on your ankles or press a dumbbell to your chest when lifting the case in the "upside down" position.

Do not forget to breathe correctly: exhale - on effort, inhale - on relaxation.

We recommend not to rush and observe the technique, that is, perform movements smoothly, without jerking, swinging and inertial shocks. Otherwise, the workout productivity will decrease.

Exercises for the press on the horizontal bar

We have selected for you effective elements on the horizontal bar for the development of abdominal muscles.

Raising the straight legs

For beginners it is better to start with the rise of the knees. If you can’t lift them above the waist - go on - with time the body will get stronger and everything will work out.

After mastering simple movements, raise straight legs. First, to parallel with the floor, then try to pull the ankles to the crossbar.

Keep your knees fully extended and do not round your back.

Twisting the body

Fasten the inverse “shoes” on the ankles, grab the horizontal bar, jerk your legs to the crossbar and hook on it with hooks. Perform straight twists from this position. You can also bend the body sideways to engage the oblique muscles of the press.


From the position of a simple hang, close your legs and lift them to parallel with the floor.

Knees should be fully extended. Do not bend your arms, do not round your back. Keep a right angle between your body and hips for as long as possible.

When you learn to perform this element for a long time, try to repeat with hanging on one hand. To complicate the holding of the “corner”, add smooth legs to the sides, so you additionally use the lateral muscles of the press.

Lateral twists

While in a free hanging, bring your legs together and bend your knees slightly. Tighten your obliques and lift your pelvis and hips to the side. Repeat the other way.


Perform a simple hang. Close your legs and bend them slightly at the knees.

Gently raise your hips to parallel with the floor and after that fully extend your legs forward. Then gently lower them to their original position. Gradually increase the height of the hips to the level of the pectoral muscles.


Hang. Raise the right knee to the chest, then lower it and repeat with the left.

Move vigorously. The movements should resemble the pedaling of a bicycle. To complicate the exercise, at the same time as the legs work, gently raise the pelvis as high as possible.


Hang freely on the horizontal bar. Raise your straight legs in front of you.

Perform fly-up dilutions up and down. The range of motion is 40-50 cm.

Raise the pelvis

Grasp the bar and hang it. Bend your knees and gently lift them as high as possible. Reach alternately to one armpit, then to another.

At the same time, turn the pelvis up a little.


Grasp the horizontal bar tightly and perform a simple hang. Close the lower limbs and lift them vertically. The ankles should be at the level of the bar. Holding the pelvis in this position, gently move your legs to the sides.

The movement resembles the operation of a car windshield wiper.


To pump up the muscles of the press, we recommend combining the exercises on the horizontal bar with other elements. An example of a training program:

  1. Twisting in a Roman chair - 3x15.
  2. Pulling the knees to the chest while sitting on the floor - 3x15.
  3. "Scissors" on the horizontal bar - 3x15.

  4. "Corner" - 3 sets to the maximum.

The exercises performed in the hang, select in accordance with physical training. Enough rest between sets (2-3 minutes).

If there were no power loads before training the press, be sure to stretch your body using simple gymnastics.

Strengthen the abdominal muscles should be 2-3 times a week.

Insert rest days between classes. Change the program periodically or add weights to “shock” the abdominal muscles.

About the "cubes"

Most people can not see the cherished "cubes" due to fat accumulations at the waist. At the same time, no matter how hard they train the press, you can’t lose weight.

You can not get rid of subcutaneous fat only in the abdominal region.

Weight loss occurs throughout the body immediately.

Therefore, in addition to training on the horizontal bar, it is necessary to adjust the diet in favor of reducing carbohydrate foods and do cardio training: running, cycling, outdoor games, aerobics, dancing, etc.



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