How to pump biceps on the horizontal bar - exercises and secrets

There are situations when it’s difficult to get the barbell and dumbbells and it’s not convenient to go to the gym. But I want to develop and work on my body. The horizontal bar comes to the rescue - the thing is publicly available. Most men are interested in training flexors of the hands. So, let's look at how to pump biceps on the horizontal bar and is it possible.

A bit about the horizontal bar and biceps

So, is it possible to generally pump up the arm muscles on the horizontal bar?

The answer to this question is ambiguous. The fact is that the horizontal bar will not help you gain large muscle volumes. But, it will make your body strong and bold. That is, you will not especially grow in volumes, but you will certainly look more pumped up, muscular and athletic.

How to pump biceps on the horizontal bar - exercises and secrets

If you show a lot of perseverance, it may be possible to increase the thickness of the arm by a couple see.

But without heavy basic exercises of considerable weight you will not gain.

The same goes for biceps. The main problem of pumping hands on the horizontal bar and uneven bars is the restriction of the load on your weight. Look at street athletes. They are by no means swayed.

They are dry and embossed.

And this form in many is not due to occupation or nutrition, it is a certain type of organism. Initially, a heavy person will not get on a horizontal bar to pull himself up and do different acrobatic numbers, simply because for him, with his mass, it is very difficult. Those guys who are initially tuned to the horizontal bar usually go to workout.

The horizontal bar and bars are suitable for those who want to keep the body in shape, have strong and strong hands.

Who wants a lot - to you in the gym. Take the barbell and go!

Since our article is devoted specifically to the horizontal bar and handwork, we will analyze this topic in detail. We’ll talk about how to pump biceps on the horizontal bar, however, by the word “pump” we will mean: strengthen, make it stronger, relief and contoured. Get a few cm in volume as a bonus.

Exercises for the biceps

If you are eager to know how to quickly pump up your biceps on the horizontal bar - understand that only injuries occur quickly in sports.

For a week, the muscles will not have time to strengthen. Our long-term business requiring patience is to systematically pull ourselves up.

With all types of pull-ups, the muscles of the back will be involved in the process, in addition to the arms. With a wide grip, they will be the ones who will take the main burden. Any exercise on the horizontal bar affects the biceps, and the brachial muscle, and the back.

The most correct way to work for biceps is to pull up with a narrow back grip. To work out the entire volume of the biceps, you also need to pull up with a parallel grip when the palms are facing each other. In street conditions, this is possible only on horizontal ladders. If you have such a thing in your yard, be sure to combine pull-ups with a narrow back grip with this view.

Proper biceps pull-ups

In order to less affect the back and more biceps, you need to pull in a certain way.

In order to understand how to properly tighten and how to pump up the muscles of the hands, we analyze the dynamics of the process in phases: what and when it works, is loaded.

  1. When you start the movement, biceps help to bend your arm at the elbow. The triceps muscle keeps the arm from a sharp bend, it stretches, but does not strain (this load does not affect it in any way).
  2. Until the right angle is reached, the biceps work mainly in the elbow, then when the elbows begin to approach the body, the latissimus is involved, which brings the arms to the body. The biceps has been in tension all this time to prevent the arm from expanding.

  3. When you reach the crossbar with your chin, it is a merit of the purely back muscles and the back bundle of deltoids, which is involved very little.

Based on the foregoing, it is advisable to pull on the biceps to an angle of 90 degrees at the elbow or a little more. It makes no sense to reach the crossbar. Do not fully stretch your arms when moving down, keep a short amplitude.

If you pull yourself fully up to the crossbar, at the top point, when the elbows are already brought to the body, the biceps relax.

You will feel this if you carefully monitor the sensations in your hands during pull-ups.

The horizontal bar must be taken so that the brushes are at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other, palms are turned towards you.

Focus on the exercise, no need to be distracted and think about something outside.

As Arnie recently said, referring to the newcomers to the gym: "the main mistake of the newcomers is that they go to perform movements automatically." You need to feel your muscles.

Then the training will be more conscious!

For more effect, you need to do the exercise slowly, linger for 1 second at the top point. And recall that the top point is not above the horizontal bar, but lower. This is an angle of 90 degrees or a little more at the elbows. Do not let your biceps relax!

If you wish, you can include pull-ups with a direct grip in your workout. But in this case, the biceps do not work so actively, the load goes to other muscles.

Combination of exercises and training schedule

Fully examining the topic of how to pump biceps on the horizontal bar, it is worth not only to mention the exercises, but also to talk about the training system itself.

How to pump biceps on the horizontal bar - exercises and secrets

  • In order for your biceps to look pumped up, you need to do it at least every other day.
  • For a comprehensive study of the biceps, you can alternate pull-ups with reverse grip and parallel as follows: two workouts with one grip, two with the other.
  • Or a week to work with just one grip. The second to others.

    An individual scheme will suit each person, yet we are not clones of each other.

  • Increase the load only when you have done 15 repetitions per set. Moreover, they completed 3 approaches. It is best to use extra weight - a satchel or backpack and pancakes from dumbbells in it. Yes, at least bricks or water bottles.

  • There is no need to infinitely increase the number of repetitions. This will not lead to muscle growth, but to an increase in stamina.

If you still haven’t signed up for the gym, you should study the other issues related to how to pump up your arms on the horizontal bar and other improvised "simulators". Indeed, in this topic we are talking only about biceps. It’s pointless to talk about how to pump triceps on the horizontal bar - it will require bars.

Inflated triceps, by the way, forms the volume of the arms even more than the biceps.



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