How to provide first aid

First of all,

check the person’s reaction - call him out loud several times, touch his shoulder. If there is no reaction, then the person is unconscious. P Test your breath with your palm on your nose. E if in ten seconds you did not feel a single exhale, time to act.

Before you begin to provide assistance, you need to call an ambulance.

Any resuscitation actions support life only for a limited time. If you are not alone, ask the other person to dial 103 (ambulance number in Russia), while you begin to do heart massage.

Heart massage is enough. Studies have proven that indirect heart massage is just as effective in itself as it is in combination with artificial respiration. Therefore, you can not waste time on ventilation of the lungs: the oxygen that remains in the blood of the victim is enough to maintain the brain for some time.

Remember: a bad heart massage is better than none. But still try to follow the technique. Put one hand on the center of the chest of the victim (the reference is between the nipples). Place the second palm on top of the first. It is important to keep your elbows straight and your shoulders directly above your palms.

Otherwise, you do not have enough strength to do the massage for a long time.

Press on the chest quickly and deeply. You need to make about 100 clicks per minute to a depth of five centimeters (but do not overdo it, otherwise you will break the ribs). A popular tip that is easy to remember: do a heart massage to the rhythm of the song Bee Gees - Stayin 'Alive, as in this video. This will allow you to reach a speed of 103 clicks per minute.

However, one should not forget about the depth, otherwise the impulse simply will not reach the heart.

Learn the technique in advance. Everything that was taught at the OBZh lessons was hardly remembered. Therefore, it is worth signing up for first aid courses.



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