How to prepare for the first sprint triathlon in your life

Swimming: even if you swim well, be sure to pay attention to technique and orientation in open water.

Bicycle: pay attention to the riding technique in the group. The fact is that the sprint triathlon is the distance at which drafting is allowed (group movement technique, in which the next participant closely follows the leader), it makes the race more dynamic, but also significantly increases the requirements for the athlete's technical skills.

Running: five kilometers is, of course, not a marathon, but after swimming and the bicycle race this distance will require serious physical expenses. It is important to learn how to distribute your strength, control your physical condition and mentally prepare for a meeting with the finish line.

There is another important nuance that athletes often forget about - transit zones . No, there is nothing terrible and complicated in them, but for the first time they take an incredible amount of time. And starting to prepare for the first race, do not set yourself impossible tasks - your goal is now not the first place (although no one excludes this, anything can be), but overcoming the entire distance from start to finish and defeating yourself.

And in any case, even well-trained amateur athletes will not be hindered by working with a coach - he will help not only draw up an individual (read: effective) training plan for the start, but also avoid offensive injuries. With a trainer, you can acquire skills that are difficult to master alone.



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