How to prepare for a half marathon in 7 weeks

As you can see, I still had the experience of running races (and it doesn’t matter how difficult it was for me to overcome this distance), so when I told this at the office

I Love Running

, I was unanimously invited to prepare for the half marathon. Still, the goal should be ambitious, although at that time it seemed to me rather unattainable. After my timid "okay, let's try" we decided on the place and time of training. There were several options geographically (Luzhniki was the most convenient for me), and you could choose a comfortable time. But with my work schedule, I dismissed evening classes at 19:30 immediately.

So the early ups were waiting for me.

The training began on September 24th, the magical September weather of this year was already over, the morning of the first lesson turned out to be overcast and cool (well, although there was no rain, I thought at that moment). Everyone who wants to prepare for a race on Lake Garda (I would like to thank the OZON. Travel staff who supported the idea and provided a ticket for the half marathon) was divided into two subgroups, each with its own trainer. Mostly girls were in my subgroup, and with good experience, many had already run half marathons.

After answering the question of the trainer Sergey Belyakov, what they have been doing for the last two weeks (I am ashamed, but what is there, that is), we went out for a warm-up. The first lesson was simple, we ran around the stadium, Sergey gave advice and corrected the running technique. And then I realized that I didn’t have any running technique, and all the previous kilometers I ran as necessary. The main advice is to "relax" (it is ideal for any life situations). It is also important to maintain the correct position of the back, head and shoulders, that is, the body should have a natural forward inclination.

And following these seemingly simple recommendations, I realized - and the truth is, it’s so much simpler and as if more natural for the body. Keeping all this in mind, I ran through the remaining time (and you need to run a certain time, not a certain mileage).



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