How to overcome fear

In my opinion, people who weren’t directly affected by the attack should not unnecessarily pedal the situation by describing their own fear, because in that case it remains to do so Who is at the epicenter of events? Having forgotten about themselves, it is necessary to help the victims, to express their sympathy and solidarity. This is very important for them, and, moreover, it hurts them when this does not happen. Indeed, so a person remains alone with his misfortune, with injustice and resentment, that the rest continue to live as if nothing had happened. When we are involved in our own fears, we forget about those who have suffered. I saw people in such a situation - this is a terrible injury.

And I do not cease to recall one wonderful woman who lost two small children as a result of an earthquake, lost both legs and a roof over her head. Surprisingly, she always talked with everyone, people were drawn to her, someone was always sitting on her bed in the hospital. I’ve been watching this woman for several months, when at one moment I said to her: “How brave you are! How do you support everyone”, and she answered this: “What are you, Natasha! At first I wanted to die, but then I thought - no, I’ll live so that others can see that it’s even worse. " It may be better to think this way - since this did not happen to you, you can change something, try to prevent this war, at least for yourself to realize how dangerous and unbearable it is. And you should not in any case fall into speculation and pathos.

When so many people die, many are tempted to speak in a pompous manner, uttering a sea of ​​loud but empty words. But, in my opinion, this is at least tactless, but also ineffective and not very honest. We need to talk about what happened - we must not forget the dead people, forget the suffering of their relatives, but while we are pathetically sorting through the facts, we are not helping anyone.



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