How to organize a winter in hot countries: detailed instructions

The closer winter is, the more often many people think of running away from snow and cold to warm places. How to leave for the winter in Southeast Asia, says traveler and travel journalist Lena Titok.

The first condition in order to leave Russia for a long time is your work schedule. In most companies, taking a vacation for 2-3 months will not work, therefore, as a rule, freelancers and employees who are not tied to the office leave for the winter. You can, of course, quit, but then it’s better to think about financial receipts in advance: for example, during the trip you can rent your apartment.

Another option is to accumulate enough money in order to feel free abroad for several months.

Before you leave for the winter, you need to carefully consider an action plan.

Thailand and Vietnam are the most


southern countries for long winter holidays among Russians. Renting a house in Vietnam will cost about 20 thousand rubles a month if you decide to stay in one of the major cities of the country. On the coast, the price will be 10-15 thousand higher.

A similar situation with Thailand: you can rent a good apartment for 30-40 thousand rubles a month. It is convenient to rent a home through the service


or by contacting a realtor (in advance or on the spot).

Before setting off for wintering, study the information about the selected region as much as possible: for example, in Vietnamese Danang it often rains in December. A long stay here may not live up to your expectations. And in the north of the Philippines at the beginning of winter typhoons happen.

Read specialized forums and sites to assess the situation and not be disappointed.

How to organize a winter in hot countries: detailed instructions

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Another important nuance when choosing a destination for wintering - this is a visa. In Thailand, Russians can stay without a visa for up to 30 days. If your stay will be longer, contact your local consulate.

Most often, problems with issuing a long-term visa do not arise. But even if you did not take care of the visa in advance, after 29 days in Thailand you can go to a neighboring country (for example Cambodia), and then return to the kingdom.

The Vietnamese authorities limit the visa-free stay of Russian citizens in the country to a 15-day period (you can stay on Fukuok for up to 30 days). You can get a visa for wintering right at the airport. For this, in addition to a valid passport, you will need a confirmation letter.

You can issue it on the website www. vietnamvisapro. com.

How to organize a winter in hot countries: detailed instructions

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The first thing to pay attention to the "winterers" when flying to Southeast Asia, this is the price of the ticket.

It’s better to buy tickets in advance, preferably at least six months in advance.If the thought of leaving the country has visited you suddenly, carefully study the promotions and special offers. To do this, it is best to subscribe to the airline newsletters in the areas that interest you. You can also use the service

Travel Spy

, so as not to miss the good offers.

Singapore Airlines has low ticket prices: with a special offer, a flight to Phuket will cost about 440 euros, and to Bali - 500.

You can buy a ticket with a stopover in Singapore, walk for a few hours around the flowering city -state and add another country to your "piggy bank". Another important nuance is baggage allowance: some airlines allow you to carry up to 32 kg per person, so you can not choose between a beautiful outfit and practical shorts. However, do not forget that in many countries of Southeast Asia low prices and profitable shopping, so it is not necessary to take the entire wardrobe with you.

How to organize a winter in hot countries: detailed instructions

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If you travel for a month or more, it does not make sense to pre-book accommodation for the entire period.

Rent an apartment or a house for the first week and a half. During this time, you will have time to navigate on the spot and find the perfect accommodation option that will suit you in all respects. All the same, housing in reality does not look like the one in the picture. But at the height of the season and during the holidays (for example, New Year's), be careful: during this period, there may simply not be free housing. If you travel to a popular resort, book your accommodation in advance.

How to organize a winter in hot countries: detailed instructions

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You can’t neglect your health, therefore, before leaving for the winter in Southeast Asia, it is better to take out medical insurance. In order to choose the most advantageous offer, you can use the

service "Turtle"

, which will help you choose the insurance company that best suits your request.

If you are traveling to Thailand, keep in mind that under the Thailand Travel Shield, the Thai Ministry of Tourism offers insurance coverage of up to 2 million baht. The cost of this program for two months is 3,150 baht (approximately 6,700 rubles).

Do not forget about vaccinations: medical recommendations exist for each country. You can familiarize yourself with them on the website of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

How to organize a winter in hot countries: detailed instructions

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Before leaving, it is better to have two bank cards : on one you will be able to keep your savings, and on the other transfer money immediately before spending it. So you have less chance of becoming a victim of scammers.

You may need cash in markets and non-tourist locations. It is better to shoot them at ATMs located directly at banks or in large shopping centers.

Wintering in Asia is a great chance to travel and see new countries and cities, and also enjoy eternal summer and freedom.



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