How to meditate: 6 applications

Stress and depression, insomnia and catastrophic fatigue - you can cope with all these problems through meditation. Igor Osipov advises mobile applications that will help you quickly relax, rest and gain strength.

Become confident and brave, like Hermione.

This is one of the most respected applications with which meditation will become easier. Among his fans, for example, actress Emma Watson, who calls Heads21ace "genius.

" The application includes daily practices lasting 10 minutes. However, in order to really relax well, you need a good knowledge of English: the Heads27ace audio trainer (like everyone else) practices meditation in this particular language.

How to use: so that meditation is successful, find a quiet and peaceful place where no one will bother you; Choose the time at which you can devote 10 minutes of meditation daily; turn on the audio lesson and relax.

Free on the A5761 Store / Google Play (10 lessons).

Monthly subscription - 999 rubles, for a year - 7 290 rubles.

Make sure that meditation is it is not difficult at all.

This application, like Heads99ace, offers daily meditation with an audio trainer. The main difference is that here the coach is a woman. Weekly programs consist of 7 practices for 12-18 minutes, depending on how much silence you need to relax. There are also various missions like ‚Äúconcentrating on breathing‚ÄĚ, the path to them is through the development of programs, which, by the way, are divided not only by week, life blocks (relationship, work, health), but also by age: the app has practices for children 6-9 years old, 10-13 years old, 14-17 years old and for the whole family.

How to use: decide on the purpose of meditation; pick the most successful program to achieve it; turn on the audio trainer and relax either by closing your eyes or watching the pleasant moving picture of nature on the screen.

Free on the A117123 Store / Google Play (7 lessons).

Monthly subscription - 999 rubles, for a year - 6,990 rubles, for two years - 9,000 rubles.

Wake up at good mood.

How to meditate: 6 applications

How to meditate: 6 applications

The authors of the application are confident that the world will become better if every morning people wake up with a healthy and spiritual attitude.

To do this, six trainers recorded 22 audio programs (from 8 to 15 minutes each) for a quiet morning awakening, which includes meditation, yoga and stretching. To determine the coach that suits you, download one free program from each and listen to the previews of everyone else.

How to use: wake up, turn on the application, select the program you need and without getting out of bed start your day with meditation and yoga.

Free at the A191197 Store (6 lessons).

Each next lesson is 75 rubles.

Meditate in any situation.

An application executed in a game form will allow you to find a way out of any situation using meditation. More than 80 audio programs are divided into 16 sectors according to human activities: sleeping, waking up, traveling, walking around the city, surfing the Internet and more. In turn, each thematic sector is divided into several more practices for 5-30 minutes. Buddh198fy authors claim that with their application, meditation will return to a stressful modern world and make it calmer.

And let it be not the world-planet, but the world-I of each of the users.

How to use: choose one of 16 sectors, go through each practice in turn on a particular topic and observe your results in the statistics window.

379 rubles on the A247p Store / 130.4 rubles on Google Play.

For immersion into a perfect world.

This application will especially appeal to those who do not know English - there is Russian navigation here. In addition to the usual meditation courses (3-6 minutes) and practices (7-12 minutes) from English audio trainers, Relax Melod204es includes a set of different nature sounds and instruments (33 for free), which you can combine into a calming track that suits your mood . The rustling of leaves, the sound of rain, the cry of a whale or a Japanese drum will make you travel to the place where you will find peace. The app also includes brainwave sounds (which balance your sleep) and a blog where meditation tips are posted several times a week.

How to use: meditation is for everyone.

H Find a secluded place or put on your headphones, select several sounds for simultaneous playback in one atmosphere, adjust the volume of each, close your eyes and transfer to the place of your dreams.

Free on the App Store / Google Play (33 sounds, 6 brain waves, 1 course, 1 practice).

An additional set of sounds - 375 rubles, each meditation course - 149 rubles, each practice - 229 rubles.

Immerse yourself in multifaceted meditation.

This application is one of the most versatile and enjoyable to use.

Calm includes training programs for meditations on days 7 and 21, as well as 7 more programs for a week for each of the goals of meditation: improving sleep, developing self-esteem, focusing attention, etc. For meditations with an audio trainer, you can also choose the appropriate category ( deep concentration, calming children, relaxing, falling into a dream), determine the duration (3-30 minutes), choose one of 29 sound and graphic accompaniments (foggy flow, crackling fire, tropical beach) - and get pleasure.

How to use: so that meditation is as productive as possible, choose three main goals, your level of technique, an appropriate category, duration and sound accompaniment and immerse yourself in the study of yourself.

Free on the App Store / Google Play (all sounds, a seven-day training program, 2 practices with an audio trainer).

Subscription for a month - 749 rubles, for a year - 2 990 rubles.



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