How to manage to live when you are constantly preparing for the races

When jogging develops from a hobby to something more, you need to revise your schedule: most likely, you will train every day. But how at this pace of life to manage to work, meet friends and spend time with the family? We talked with an expert on running in Sportmaster Yulia Timofeeva on how to maintain balance in everything.

  • How it all began

    I live in non-stop mode. I’m doing something all the time, somewhere running, somewhere late. But I like that rhythm.

    Ever since school, I learned to keep up with everything: to study, and ride competitions. I studied in the military-patriotic class, so I know what orienteering, sports tourism, and mountaineering are. I run regularly a little over a year. Before that, she was professionally engaged in bodybuilding for three years, performed in the fitness bikini category and spent a lot of time training. But “drying” is still difficult to tolerate, running is a more pleasant experience.

  • How to combine work and sport

    At work I have a floating schedule, most often I work in the afternoon, but get up early in the morning anyway. The morning training lasts from one and a half to three hours, I often practice in the evening, even if I work up to ten hours: I arrive home at eleven and still go running. At work, they meet me and adjust the schedule for me. For example, I discuss in advance what weekends I need, they give them to me, and on other days I work out the necessary hours. Every month I build myself a different schedule, adapting to the starts.

    My next start will be in June - Altai Ultra Trail, running seventy kilometers. And in July - Golden Ring Ultra Trail, there is already a hundred kilometers route.

  • How to spend time with my family and not give up other hobbies

    I usually have one day off per week , and this day I do not train long. The remaining time I spend with friends, family and relax. I manage to go to my brother, sister and parents.

    I can go to the theater or just take a walk. But the main hobby for me is still running. Even if I have a day off, I still wake up and go for a run. This is my way of life. The young man supports me, but he does not run around.

    I tried, said it was not for him. He does crossfit.

Here is my playlist, which is ideal for a long workout.

  • How to correctly distribute time between tasks

    We need to prioritize. For me, the main thing is to have time not only to train, but also to work.

    There are so many starts this season that sometimes after work you have to leave right away to compete. You go night, run in the morning, then come back at night - and again to work. Sometimes you don’t even have time to sleep. But I like it all. Like to achieve goals.

    Until I reach them, I will not calm down. Six months already I keep a diary. It is scribbled on all sides. Much flies out of my head: for one time I can plan a training session, a trip to a cosmetologist, and a meeting with my girlfriend. Everything needs to be written down so that later someone does not fail.

  • How to relax

    I usually run with music, even if I’m not running alone. It happens that you go out and you really do not want to train, and the music somehow distracts from everything. But audiobooks are boring for me, and I still don’t really listen to them. When you run, you think about something of your own, go into yourself, reflect on your experiences. Run-run-and then you realize that half of the book has already passed, and you listened to everything.

    I made a playlist for long runs. I hope he will cheer you up and help you run as long as possible and easier. I can relax in some light training or at home, watching a movie. I manage to do the latter infrequently, and I don’t really want to. I like to test myself.

    I started running ultramarathons, and I’m curious not just to run. It is important to get both pleasure and a good result.



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