How to make perfect khinkali

How to make perfect khinkali

Badri Lemonjava

- Khinkali is probably the most popular dish of Georgian cuisine along with khachapuri.

According to legend, khinkali appeared in the mountainous regions of Georgia. Shepherds grazed cattle, and it was important for them to have provisions with them for several days. In addition to cheese, bread and vegetables, it was also necessary to cook hot food. Important sources of energy were meat with dough and hot nutritious broth, which is so much in this dish.

It was obtained not only high-calorie, but also healing due to the combination of hot juice, hot spices and garlic.

Initially, khinkali was prepared from flour, lamb, garlic and onions. And the meat was chopped with two knives. Those khinkali were called "dakipeli" - we are preparing such ones in our new Georgian wine bar Megobari . In other versions, minced meat is prepared using a meat grinder.

Later, spices, pepper and cilantro were added. Since the dish spread to other regions where there was another cattle, the filling also began to change. And now you can order khinkali with beef and pork, on the Black Sea - try it with fish, and somewhere cook with cheese, mushrooms and potatoes.

How to make perfect khinkali

Photo: Megobari

Many people call Khinkali Georgian dumplings, but this is not true. There are no historical prerequisites so that an analogy can be drawn between Chinese dim sums and Italian ravioli.

I believe that this is an original dish, the homeland of which is Georgia. In appearance, manti are most similar to khinkali, but they do not have so much broth. We leave this question to the discretion of historians.

It’s best to start cooking the right khinkali by choosing meat. As I said, now you can use different fillings, but for me it is best - beef, pork and, of course, lamb.

The main thing here is that the meat is fresh. Be sure to have fresh cilantro, onions, garlic, pepper, lard, salt and pepper to taste. All this is mixed and water is added so that the minced meat turns out to be a little liquid, and it can be easily put with a spoon into the dough.



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