How to make friends as an adult

Can you remember how childhood friends became your friends? How many hours did you spend on this? If you watch the children in the playground, it seems that this happens in about 20 minutes. And what about adults?

American scientists counted

. In their opinion, to go from the stage of "acquaintance" to the stage of "friendship", you need 50 hours of close communication, to determine a person as a "friend", you need 90 hours. And in order to get a best friend, you have to spend more than 200 hours. And at this time, you should not work shoulder to shoulder, and have fun.

Play video games, watch movies, gossip and joke. It is at such moments that a friendship arises. Children have exactly the same thing - after all, they play together before becoming friends. And here, in the opinion of


, the main difficulty was laid, because of which it is so difficult for us to make new friendships in adulthood. Our priorities are changing.

We are not ready, as in elementary school, to spend eight hours a day playing. We have work, family, television in the end. Therefore, it is sometimes impossible to gain those same 200 hours of friendly communication with someone, even for years of acquaintance.



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