How to make coconut condensed milk

Did you know that condensed milk can be prepared from almost any milk? For example, from coconut. Only two ingredients, an hour of time and a minimum of effort, and as a result - a delicious dessert that will suit vegans and those who have refused refined sugar or lactose.

123 calories

How to make coconut condensed milkHow to make coconut condensed milk

For this recipe, coconut milk in a tin can with a high percentage of fat content is best.

How to make coconut condensed milk


60 minutes


6 servings


Coconut milk (about 60% fat content)

400 ml

Sugar (coconut or honey)

1/4 cup

Cooking process

  1. Pour coconut milk into a thick-bottomed pan.
  2. On medium heat, bring the milk to a boil and immediately reduce the heat.

  3. Add coconut sugar (can be replaced with honey or agave nectar) and mix until it is completely dissolved.
  4. Leave the milk on low heat for 30-40 minutes until the color thickens and darkens.
  5. Remove the condensed milk from the heat, cool completely and pour into a jar.
  6. Store in the refrigerator.


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