How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?

An elastic and round butt is the dream of most of the girls. To tighten the body and make the fifth point more attractive - that’s why, most often they go to the gym.

However, many are faced with a problem, but how to avoid the swaying of huge legs? I want after all slender legs and rounded buttocks? I hope this article will help you!

How to make an elastic and round butt without swinging your big legs?

Many "experts" on the Internet believe that the main way to achieve this result is squats with barbell. And indeed this is a wonderful exercise that loads the whole body, but often the most pronounced result of classic squats is an increase in the hips, which not everyone likes.

This is due to the greater responsiveness to the load from the side of the quadriceps, which take on almost the entire load.

And this problem can be not only in squats, but in most traditional exercises, like lunges with dumbbells. But there is no big problem, because there are simple ways to properly distribute the load between the legs and the fifth point.

  1. We replace the squats in the style of classics with "sumo" and "plie" (you can learn more about their techniques below)

  2. Do not forget about the exercises , aiming at the buttocks: deadlift on straight legs, a bridge on the shoulder blades, legs on the block, etc.

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?

How often do the exercises cost Is it necessary to allocate a whole day in the training program for working out the gluteal muscles?

The frequency of training of one muscle group should depend on how long it takes to restore it. If you have been practicing in the gym for some time, then the body has somehow adapted to the loads and this process is faster, so you can train the “nut” at each workout without having to set aside a separate day for it.

However, it is important not to overdo it, since on the contrary it will slow down the path to achieving such a desired goal.

An excellent solution would be to choose one of two options:

  1. The alternation of intensive training with those where you just need to "drive the blood."

  2. Do not use alternation, but do all 2-3 workouts per week with a load higher than average, but not maximum.

In choosing exercises, be guided by sensations. If you feel that, despite the correct technical execution, during some kind of exercise the priest clearly loses the load, and the hips, on the contrary, it makes sense to refuse it.

This does not mean that you need to completely eliminate the load on the front and back of the thigh, but it is important to find the right balance.

In our application for girls, we offer such a scheme for distributing exercises on the buttocks and legs by day (not for beginners!) :

Day 1

  1. Squat “plie”
  2. Squat “sumo” in the simulator Smith
  3. Bridge on the shoulder blades

Day 2

  1. Deadlift on straight legs
  2. Lunges

Day 3

  1. Squat "plie"
  2. Lunges
  3. Leg breeding in the simulator

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?

Exercise technique

Squats "sumo"

This exercise is used in powerlifting, as well as by girls, to tighten the gluteus and internal muscles tee thighs. Also, the exercise will help the legs become more slim.

Let's move on to the squatting technique:

  1. To begin, spread your legs wide and unfold the socks to the sides. The barbell, as in the classic squats, lies on the muscles of the back.

  2. Inhale, and leaning forward as low as possible, squat until your hips assume a position parallel to the floor. Make sure that your knees bend in the direction of the socks and do not come inward. Pull the pelvis back to transfer the load of the feet to the outer edges and heels.

  3. Then go up and exhale.

What muscles work in the sumo squats?

  1. The muscles of the inner thighs (leading)

  2. Front of the thighs (quadriceps)

  3. Large buttocks (due to which the shape of the buttocks and size develop)

  4. Rear part of the hips (hips biceps)

  5. And also additionally: calves, lower back, muscles of the press

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?

Squats "plie"

This is the same exercise as the sumo squats, only one difference: instead of a barbell, a kettlebell or dumbbell is used, which you hold below, lowering between your legs.

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?

Leg breeding in the simulator

What are the advantages of this exercise?

  1. During the leg breeding in the simulator, the small muscles of the hips turn on that do not work in other exercises
  2. Tightens the outer thigh
  3. Increased abduction force
  4. Affects positively on running results
  5. Has a beneficial effect on blood circulation

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?

Deadlift on straight legs

Deadlift on straight legs is one of the most important exercises in any workout. So, now we consider the benefits in training in general and on the buttocks:

  1. This exercise extends the main load to the biceps of the thighs, buttocks and lower back.

  2. If you bend your legs, then buttocks are turned on, hips biceps are turned off and vice versa. Do not straighten your legs completely, otherwise the tendons under the knees will overload.

  3. For convenience, girls can use dumbbells instead of the barbell, but the weight of the dumbbell will be less than the barbell.

  4. Keep your back always straight to avoid injuries.

  5. Before you do it, use hyperextension to get your mind open. If lower back pain occurs, do not exercise.


  1. Lift the barbell and stand straight with it.
  2. Slowly lower yourself down, bending your knees slightly, keep your back level and the bar should lower just below the knees.

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?


Lunges is one of the most effective exercises for round and elastic buttocks. Let's go directly to the technique:

  1. We got into the starting position: standing, legs together, dumbbells in hands

  2. Rearrange the leg forward, but slightly setting it aside

  3. And bend the second leg, but don’t touch the ground with our knees

  4. We get up and then change the leg

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?

The bridge on the shoulder blades

A very effective exercise that all girls perform. Do you know how it is useful ?

  1. Active work of the buttocks, without tension of the lower back

  2. Strengthening the press

  3. Exercise with or without weight

  4. Ease of performance (possible in the gym and at home)

  5. Exercise helps improve your running results

Now let's move on to the execution technique :

  1. Lie on your back, bend your knees, and straighten your arms and lay along the body

  2. Squeeze the buttocks, raise the pelvis until the shoulders, pelvis and knees form a single straight line

How to make an elastic and round ass without swinging big legs?



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