How to make a training program in the gym

Fitness has long turned not only into a lifestyle for some, but also into a business for others. City streets are full of signboards for gyms, and every second already calls himself a coach. If you decide to create yourself a beautiful body, it is better to learn a little about how to properly draw up a training program. Otherwise, you can waste your money without getting a result.

Who is he - a good coach?

The most common misconception: the coach should be inflated, like Arnie in his youth.

And the larger its volumes, the more professional it is.

Yes, of course, the figure is the visiting card of the trainer (in the case of bodybuilding). But confuse a harmoniously developed body obtained through systematic training and proper nutrition, and artificially (pharmacologically) obtained volumes are not worth it. Therefore, first of all, look not at the biceps bloated to implausibility, but at the harmony of the figure and the complex development of the muscles.

How to make a training program in the gym

It is also worth taking an interest in the experience of a professional coach.

Ideally, find out what results his students achieved.

The older you are, the more carefully you need to approach the choice of a coach. If you have health problems or are recovering from an injury, ideally find someone with a medical background. Such specialists are not in every room - specify this question separately.

Of great importance is how sociable the person is, pleasant to you personally and whether you are ready to entrust him with your figure and health.

To begin, arrange classes for a month. Then you can always continue to work with the same specialist or choose another.

Next, I will tell you what to look for when compiling a program, and how the construction of the training process should take place. The information will be useful both for the students themselves and for those who want to become a coach and make programs for others.

Rules for creating training programs

Have you heard about such a term - "individual approach"? We heard everything, but few want to use it.

A good and competent trainer will write the program personally. He will also take considerable money for this, because the matter is not five minutes. To create a really useful program, you need to test your body, study its individual characteristics.

How to make a training program in the gym

No matter where you will be engaged: at home or in the gym - the rules are the same. You need to understand well what you are capable of at the “zero” stage.

Health status

The first task of the trainer is to learn in detail about the health status of his client. An anamnesis will have a primary influence on the formation of a set of exercises and the frequency of training.

  • Caution should be exercised by people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system.
  • A person who has undergone abdominal surgery will not be able to do a heavy base for some time.In the first month of training, giving him even 50 kg of deadlift is tantamount to inflicting grievous bodily harm.

  • People suffering from diseases of the spine should carefully perform exercises with a vertical load on the spinal column. It is best to protect your lower back. For some, you need to abandon such a load.

A professional trainer should know how to build a workout for any category of people.
Great importance should be given to the age of the student.

The older the person, the more difficult it is to bear the load. Age features should be considered, otherwise it can be harmful.

They say that pumping up after 40 years is difficult. True they say, but still it is possible. And the person making the program needs to know how to put together a training program for the older age group.

In 60 years and more, a particularly gentle load on the heart should be given. At this age, circular training, crossfit and much more are useless. The task of the classes is to improve and strengthen the body.

How to make a training program in the gym

If the coach in the gym immediately, without asking you any questions, issued a program. Think ten times whether to contact such a specialist.

Features of the human body

By the features of the body I mean flexibility and stretching, speed of recovery, muscle fatigue, level of endurance and the level of initial training as a whole.

Planning of the training process should be aimed at minimizing the negative consequences. That is, one should not overwork at the very first training session (or overload a client’s novice), because this is fraught with prolonged pain or even injury.


You must include a stretch in the training program. Without it, many exercises cannot be performed.

There are many complaints of low back pain during deadlift on the Internet. Moreover, the complainants themselves write that they cannot reach the floor with their fingers. I wonder how they do deadlift, and most importantly - how do they pull? There is no technique at all, the lower back is clearly round, like the chest. Hence the pain, and then the consequences of the wrong technique. It does not appear all at once, the first time may even pass.

And when your weights become more serious, at one point the lower back will hurt much more than before. And this is where your camps end. Maybe even forever.

How to make a training program in the gym

So you need to stretch. This is useful not only when you are doing a power cycle, but just to maintain the elasticity of your body.

Statistics show that the more flexible the connective tissue, the less the likelihood of injuries due to careless movements. So stretch out at home, not necessarily to go somewhere. You can prepare your body for strength training in advance.


Endurance is different for everyone. It also develops, like stretching.

The whole body is able to change, adapting to new conditions of life.

The best way to develop it is with cardio exercises.Just brisk walking or exercising on an ellipsoid will do - safe and effective.

How to make a training program in the gym

When developing your stamina, remember your health. Chasing the heart is not always useful, especially if you work on the pulse of more than 140 beats for a long time.

A professional trainer knows all these features, and will not drive you on a treadmill until you lose consciousness.

Muscle recovery rate

This is also an individual parameter, as above. Periodization of training, cycling, etc., directly depends on the speed of recovery.

Usually, 2-3 days are enough for a person to fully recover.

But pain is not the best indicator of this process. For example, it happens that the pain has passed (or it, in general, did not exist), but it seems that there is no strength. Muscles have not recovered. This can happen for two reasons: you didn’t get enough building and energy material (you’re simply not fed enough), or you need to rest more.

How to make a training program in the gym

On average, you need to train one muscle group 1-2 times a week.

Three is already a lot. For weight training, it is better to give heavy loads to the same muscle group once a week.


To create a training program for girls, you do not have to be a girl. In principle, the physiology of men and women is not particularly different. But there is one important point - the level of testosterone.

There are other nuances, but this is the most significant.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that stimulates the growth of a lot of things: muscles, hair, nervous tension, anger and aggression. That is why men are much more likely to fight than girls. The level of testosterone in their blood is much higher than that of the opposite sex. It is understandable why.

How to make a training program in the gym

In general, girls will grow muscle more slowly than men. Yes, and working weights must be selected different, girls they are much less.

Creating a training regimen in the gym for girls is a bit more complicated. Most women are much more interested in reducing body fat than in muscle development. Here, too, it is important not to sort out.

Indeed, physiologically, to maintain the functions of the body, girls need at least 12% of body fat. That is, as dry as a male athlete, a girl can never become without harm to her health.

Features of a person’s life mode

The preparation of a training program should take into account the characteristics of a person’s work. It is important to clarify whether physical work, office, intellectual. The volume and duration of the load will depend on all this.

Those who move a little, constantly sit, need a long cardio load. If a person moves a lot, the program is adjusted according to his lifestyle.

Based on the person’s employment, a scheme of 2 or 3 times a week training will be selected. The financial situation is also taken into account, because in most clubs it is customary to either pay for each training session, or the subscription is calculated based on the number of training sessions per month.

We compose the program

So, you have learned what to look for when compiling the program.

And now we’ll analyze how to create a training program in the gym, how often we need to change the training program, what is cycling, and whether we need it.

Zero program

This is a kind of probe to start with. It often includes bench press (for men) and exercises on the legs / buttocks (for girls). The rest of the load depends on the above characteristics of the body and personal wishes. That is, exercises are selected individually.

The task of the trial program is to determine how your muscles react to the load, how you are given the technique, what is your general physical fitness, etc. That is, to look at you in dynamics.

According to the inventory, if you practice at home, you will have enough of a barbell, an inclined bench, 2 dumbbells. You can do only type-setting dumbbells.

Definitely, you should not perform deadlift and heavy squats with a barbell in the first month.

Muscles need to be prepared for this base, it is enough to stretch them, strengthen them.

For the first month, bending and unbending exercises for arms, legs, and body are suitable. For the press, normal twisting on the mat is enough, for the lower back - hyperextension.

For men it will be useful to include pull-ups and push-ups from the bars in the training.

At the beginning of each workout, at least 5 minutes of cardio, at the end - stretching.

It is also better to stretch in a small volume after a warm-up.

In a month the body will get stronger, and the trainer will understand what you are capable of.

How to make a training program in the gym

If you are your own trainer, still ask to teach you the technique of exercises. Even the simplest extension of the arms on the block is not such a simple exercise as you might think at first glance.
Learn to do everything right from the very beginning, while you still have small weights.

This will save you a lot of time in the future (retraining is always longer, but without the right technique you can’t achieve good results) and save your health.

By the way, about weights: the first month, increase weights in increments of 1-5 kg, depending on the muscles being trained. For example, on a bench press with a step of 5 kg - that's it. Bending the arms with a barbell for biceps - 1-2 kg each workout.

And take the initial weight light.

The main thing is that you feel at least some kind of load.

Further strategy

Now, knowing your capabilities, you can draw up a program based on the objectives of the classes. Choose whether you want the option of training for mass, for relief. Maybe you want to become thin? Or maybe you are gradually going to find the forms you need. It's also possible, it just takes longer.

Decide whether you will exercise at home or in the gym. Home training is not so effective, there is no need to explain anything.

After the zero program is completed, the task is to compile a program for the next 4 weeks. Working weights need to be increased if you decide to go in the power direction.If you are losing weight, you don’t need to add anything, just exercise and waste energy.

Think about your diet, you need to stick to a certain way of eating, otherwise the figure will not noticeably change.

When the second month passes, depending on your results, you will need to change the program again. You can replace several exercises, you can change the direction of training. In general, you can change all this once a week. There is such a thing as periodization of the training process or cycling.

Cycling implies that you divide the training program into cycles - partly according to one system, partly to another. One week you work with heavy weights, the second - with light weights, etc. The selection of the cycle is individual. It has been experimentally proved that cycling in bodybuilding is of great use. This method of training in the gym for men and women is more effective than a monotonous program.

Optimal cycling for beginners - a minor program change once a month.



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