How to Maintain Motivation on the Goal: 8 Inspirational Tips

As long as the goal seems far and inaccessible, make sure that it is your goal, and not imposed by others or circumstances. Ask yourself: is this really what I want with all my heart? If so, then everything is in order. There is only one way to achieve what you want: to sincerely want and not pay attention to obstacles along the way. Get ready, you have to work hard to get to the end. But this is not as scary as it seems.

On the way to the goal you will need good health and energy. Without them, nowhere if you want to make a breakthrough and turn mountains. You probably know how important it is to sleep well, eat right and drink enough water every day. Thanks to these simple principles, you will feel good, which means you can work more productively, come up with new ways to solve problems and not waste precious time treating diseases. Sleeping well means going to bed until midnight and avoiding the use of gadgets in the late evening, waking up after 7-8 hours.

Eat right - do not abuse fast food, do not eat for company and listen to your body. He knows exactly when to eat an apple, and when to drink a glass of water.

It is known that work takes all the time allotted to it. It’s the same with goals: until there is a final deadline, your brain will not want to work again and do something to solve problems. Set yourself a clear deadline: for example, after six months to run a marathon, after a year - to speak French.

Estimate how much time you have left. You can break this period into weeks and track the results after seven days. Another Agile methodology is the nine-week sprints. Agile was invented by programmers. Work on this system combines short work cycles with simplified processes and focus on goals.

The method is suitable for long-term planning - for example, a year in advance. Every two months it is necessary to celebrate their successes, find out the reasons for the failures and, if necessary, change the motion vector. If you realize that you are moving in the wrong direction, spending nine weeks is not as offensive as fifty-two (exactly as many weeks a year).

The more abstract the target looks, the more difficult it is to go to it. Make an action plan and calmly follow it.

For example, you want to go on a road trip in Europe in a year, but today you do not have rights and a car. You need to get a driver’s license, buy a car, make a travel plan, collect everything you need and hit the road. Each of these points is a mini-goal on the path to a global dream. Make a list of tasks for each mini-goal and systematically carry out the plan every day. Daily small tasks will support your involvement.

Large-scale goals require serious efforts and time to achieve them. Do not rush yourself, try to complete tasks at a calm pace. Fatigue disorientates and creates the illusion that if you quit, it will become easier. Therefore, try not to bring yourself to extreme fatigue. Remember that a lot of interesting things happen in life.

Get out for walks, to galleries, travel. Add rest to your schedule and do not forget to reboot from time to time. A surge of inspiration is guaranteed!

The long path to the goal makes it especially valuable. Therefore, learn to enjoy every day. Get ready for the race - try to enjoy jogging and training.

Keep track of the results, but remember that ultimately your inner state is important. Do not be discouraged if something does not work out, look at the failure from a different angle - and it will seem not so scary.

Personal communication is perhaps the most important resource in 2019. Messengers and news feeds fill us with information, but only during personal communication we better understand ourselves, find new ways to solve problems, get help and support that make us stronger. Watching other people, you can learn a lot of life lessons - do not miss this chance.

If you feel that your start at the triathlon competitions is at stake and you are tired a few weeks before it, meet a person who has already come a similar way. It can be a famous athlete or a friend from instagram. A joint training or walk will give a great incentive to achieve what you want and then proudly say: I could!

Praise yourself for your success and cheer when everything goes according to plan. Everything that surrounds you right now is your life. If you like her, then you are on the right track.

We cannot know for sure what awaits us around the bend, so it is so important to enjoy every achievement. From small events your dream will be formed, to which you aspire - we believe in you!



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