How to lose weight by 60 kilograms and save skin

When looking at Jesse's photographs, it’s hard to believe that this girl once weighed 60 kilograms more. However, this is so. Interestingly, she managed to achieve the result solely due to changes in her lifestyle. She completely revised her diet and enrolled in the gym near the house. Jesse is now a fitness trainer who helps other women become strong and confident.

"I adhered to the principles that Charles Polikvin - the famous powerlifting trainer, formulated." Jesse followed his recommendations and tried to make her diet as diverse as possible. However, she ate only healthy foods - rich in all the minerals and substances necessary for the body. As a result, without starvation and strict restrictions, she managed not only to lose weight, but also to form new eating habits.

Every day, Jesse makes sure that her diet includes enough protein, unsaturated fats and carbohydrates.

“A typical meal looks like this: 110 grams of lean meat (usually chicken) and two to three cups of steamed vegetables. In addition, I like stir-fry - a technique for quickly frying food in hot oil.”

Despite the fact that most of the time Jesse eats only wholesome food, the girl has nothing against cheating. “Once a week, I have a“ boot ”day (call it what you want) when I allow myself to eat something“ wrong. ”And you know what I like most? Burgers! I just love it.

Interestingly, the transformation process did not last a couple of months, but lasted five years. "I deliberately moved slowly and measuredly. Such slowness was the key factor that allowed me to keep my skin in excellent condition. In addition, I had enough time to get used to a new lifestyle - without stress and disruption."

In addition to a balanced diet, Jesse was seriously interested in strength training - she found special powerlifting programs for beginners.

The girl was engaged in the gym daily, and each training session was aimed at the development of a certain part of the body or muscle group. And when Jesse decided to lose weight, she added a twenty-minute cardio to her usual strength training at the end of the session.

During periods of intense training, Jesse carefully monitors his diet, especially the amount of protein and carbohydrates. “I need to feel strong and energetic - I don’t want to bite my nose all day. In addition, I plan everything in advance.

It is important for me that the sports bag is packed in the morning and the food is ready. Sometimes, when I understand that I don’t have time to cook, order ready-made food (healthy, of course).

Jesse admits that the most difficult thing is to maintain a balance between all areas of life. Long working days, a dog to look after, a partner who lives at two o’clock drive, - in general, everything needs to be taken into account and planned. But for now, Jesse it turns out.

"I like to set new goals that make me move forward."



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