How to look young and beautiful without creams and surgeries

We launched the first course of our online school - “PRO face”: 13 short training videos will tell about the importance of face-fitness, help you learn to “hold your face” in stressful situations and show the best exercises for facial muscles . These exercises are regularly done by many actors that you see on large and small screens. Each lesson will be devoted to the study of a certain area: forehead, eyes, cheeks and cheekbones, lips and neck.

We are launching the “PRO Face” course together with actress and face-fitness trainer Ekaterina Dar. A few years ago, her career was at risk: she underwent an unsuccessful operation, after which her facial expressions were broken.

To restore muscle function, she began to study face-building: she took a course on the development of facial expressions at Victor Hugo's school in Paris, master classes in face yoga in India and became a certified face-fitness trainer. Catherine can be seen in the plays of Cyril Serebrennikov and Vyacheslav Polunin, in the films of Alexei Uchitel and Jean-Michel Dispre - her career definitely did not suffer, on the contrary, everything changed for the better. Ekaterina Dar is an example of how effective face-fitness works.



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