How to learn to work in a team: 7 main rules

Not everyone can work in a team, but if you decide to build a career in a company with a large team, it is important to know how to achieve the best result. We asked Svetlana Popova, an expert of the international recruiting company


, about this.

How to learn to work in a team: 7 main rules

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- A team is a group of completely different people who come together in order to achieve their goal. This is not a community of friends. The team may include people with different interests, of different ages, with different characters and cultural traditions.

It is important to learn to see professionals as colleagues, to accept the characteristics of each. So the team as a whole and each individual will have a better chance of success.

Each must have specific tasks. This will help to avoid duplication of functions, as well as hidden and open competition between team players. Of course, in some situations you will interact with colleagues, but if you discuss in advance who is responsible for what, everyone will be able to carry out their work as efficiently as possible.

How to learn to work in a team: 7 main rules

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Without these skills all efforts can come down to no. You should discuss problems in the workflow with colleagues, draw conclusions and adjust your own actions, taking into account the interests of all team members. It is important to work on yourself and understand who and what does not suit you - this will help to avoid conflicts.

A common goal is one of the main conditions for the team to work.

Roles, responsibilities, areas of responsibility can and should be different, but the ultimate goal is always the same. The team will collapse when everyone starts to achieve his own and work only on a personal result.

Most often this is the rule that causes the most difficulties. Especially for those who are just starting to work in a team. Many are accustomed to answering only for themselves, but in a team the overall achievement of the goals depends on each specific result.

It turns out that if one player does not cope with the work, the whole team can lose. Exit: to speak openly, discuss problems and come to the aid of each other. And say thanks! Everyone who is ready to help you. Colleagues deserve thanks for the support provided.

How to learn to work in a team: 7 main rules

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Search and decision making, discussion, control, report - all processes must be open and transparent. This means that any parallel discussions, discussions, gossip, rumors, speculation in the team must be strictly suppressed.

Team work will be effective only if its rules are clear to everyone and accepted by everyone and it does not annoy anyone. That is why, if you become part of a team, be proud, learn and collaborate with everyone. Be friendly, say hello and smile.

The rules are simple but very effective. A positive attitude forms a team on an emotional level.

How to learn to work in a team: 7 main rules

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All people are different. There are team players, there are those who prefer individual work.

Both that, and another is normal. Before you go to work in a team, answer your question: am I ready to be part of a team? If the answer is no, do not break yourself. Remain an independent player. Warn the employer in advance and keep going towards your goals. If the answer is yes, learn to work in a team.

Teamwork will give you invaluable experience, new professional connections, and possibly friends for the rest of your life.



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