How to learn to push up from scratch - a guide for beginners

Some people do not like push-ups from school physical education lessons. Indeed, how could it be otherwise if you were not explained either the technique of the exercise or the principles of muscle work. Let's fill the knowledge gap and find out how to learn to push up from scratch, say, of the fair sex. After all, usually any guy is able to perform several repetitions, albeit not always correctly. But here's how to learn how to push up a girl?

How to learn to push up from scratch - a guide for beginners

What muscles work

For First, we will analyze how our body behaves when you push up.

Starting position - emphasis lying. Your weight is distributed between the hands (you stand on the palms) and toes. The rest of the body is stretched into a string and, as they say, hangs in the air.

So, you are standing on the palms and toes. The trunk is maintained in a straight position due to the work of the core muscles and almost all other body muscles, which in this case play the role of stabilizers.

Then the following may happen - the pelvis will start to fall down, respectively, you will bend in the lower back towards the floor. In order to somehow rectify the situation, you will try to raise the basin to the ceiling, as a result you will bend to the other side. And again, instead of a straight line, your body will be a corner. This is mistake. There should not be bends down and up.

Weak or unprepared core muscles will not allow you to stand upright. It is unlikely that a person with a complete lack of physical fitness will immediately learn to push up correctly. Hence the first conclusion - your body must have some muscle tone. It would be nice to pump up the press and strengthen the muscles of the back.

Next, it is worth paying attention to the main working muscles - these are the chest and triceps, as well as to some extent the shoulders.

Changing the position of the hands, you can to varying degrees engage each of these muscle groups.

  • Spread your palms wider, and spread your elbows apart - transfer the emphasis of the load on the pectoral muscles.
  • Put your hands shoulder-width apart, and press your elbows to your body - load the triceps.

Push-ups for girls are no less important than for men.

But, despite the fact that men are stronger than girls, it is they who most often violate the technique and bend down.

Girls in this regard are more scrupulous, but they often have a problem with weakness of the pectoral muscles and arms.

Given this feature, let's talk about how to push up on the floor for girls and beginners. In fact, it’s easy, it just doesn’t work right the first time. If you are determined to do push-ups, here is a quick guide for beginners.

Guide to push-ups

To simplify the training, I will divide everything into several simple steps.

Each stage is a huge step towards the result. According to this scheme, anyone can learn to do push-ups in the shortest possible time.

The principle of push-ups from the floor for beginners consists in a gradual transition from simplified versions of the exercise to the classical one.

We get up from our knees

So, you should get into the starting position - accept the emphasis lying down.

How to learn to push up from scratch - a guide for beginners

Spread your legs a little apart and put your hands to begin with the width of your shoulders.

Open your palms with your fingers forward. And here he is, cheating - add knees as a fulcrum (this is called push-ups from knees).

If you can easily stand on the knees for 1 minute without bending the body - continue on. If not, exercise until it seems easy to stand.

From the position from the knees you can already begin to do push-ups.

Try to bend your arms gently and lower your chest to the floor. Check that the housing is level. It turned out, did not fall? Then straighten your arms.

Learn to do five push-ups from the knees at a time. After that, you can try to straighten your legs and do one full push-up from the emphasis lying down.

It turned out - excellent! It didn’t work out - we continue to train from the knees up to 10 times. We learned to do it 10 times - we repeat the attempt to straighten our legs.

By the way, this is exactly the kind of exercise that is often meant when it comes to push-ups for girls. It is also used in group training, when you need to give such a load that everyone can cope without exception.

In order to learn to do push-ups in the classical style, you can first go to the support on one knee, straightening the second leg.

But doing the exercise this way is not very convenient.

Push-ups from the knees is one of the options for learning to push-ups from the floor from scratch.

Hands on a support

There is another way in which you make your exercise easier by placing your hands on a support. The bottom line is:

  1. Find a stable support with a height of 50-70 cm. It can be a box, a curbstone, a step platform on supports.

    The support must be firm.

  2. Put your hands on it as if it were the floor. Arms spread a little wider than shoulders.
  3. Get down, almost touching the chest support. Try not to bend your body either up or down.

Do push-ups until you can do it easily. Then look for the support lower. Gradually, you will move to the horizontal version of push-ups.

There really is a difference in the severity of the exercise. The higher the support point for the hands, the less weight you have to lift.

And the easier it is for you to keep your body straight - as gravity no longer acts on you like in a horizontal position. Thus, learning to do push-ups is a simple matter.

And, the easiest way for those who have never been involved in physical exercises is push-ups from the wall. To do this, you need to stand facing the wall at a distance of about a meter. Tilt the case forward and rest your hands against the wall, keep your back straight.

This is the starting position from which you have to push up.

Having mastered push-ups from the wall, go to the option “on your knees” or “hands on a support”.

How to quickly learn to do push-ups and is it possible, in general, to somehow speed up the process? The answer to this question is ambiguous. It all depends on your age, muscle condition, discipline and regularity of training. In other words, the speed at which the result is achieved is individual.

Therefore, do not look back at others - be consistent and everything will work out.

Consolidation of results

When you master the first repetitions, you can gradually progress. Your task is to squeeze 10-30 times per approach. Enough for the girls and 10.

Break the workout into sets.

Do two or three approaches, each of which will have 10-30 repetitions.

By the way, if you want to gain mass - push-ups will suit you only at the very initial stage. For best results, take a gym membership.

Many have already learned to push up with such methods. Starting once, they reached 40, 50 or more repetitions.

Features of a child’s education

A child will need less time to master the exercise than an adult. But this is under the condition that you competently and clearly work with him.

If you wondered how to teach a child to do push-ups, consider his psychology. The features of children's perception are as follows - the child focuses only on what is interesting to him. If you introduce the whole process to him as a game, you may have a much greater chance of teaching the child push ups.

You can start this process from 3-4 years old, showing everything with your own example. Children often copy their parents. The fact that they want to be like dad and mom is a well-known fact. Show them how to push up, and the children will repeat after you. Your task is to correct their movements in the form of a game.

Correct push-up techniques

Correct push-ups are important. But she is not the same for every exercise. Since all people are different, often the nuances of technology have to be selected experimentally. This does not mean that for two different people the execution technique will be completely different. There will simply be some differences.

The technique of different types of push-ups is discussed in detail in this article.

Speaking about how to push up the girls correctly, it’s worth saying only that push-ups for women usually mean triceps work. That is, the narrow arms and elbows are pressed to the body.

In men, the most popular chest style: palms are set wide, elbows are apart.

Even push-ups from the wall must be done correctly.

Focus on sensations, try to make your chest muscles and triceps work. Different positions of the hands can be safely worked out here.

A bit of motivation

The most powerful motivation is an example of a neighbor. If a girl, for example, has wrung out more than her boyfriend - for a guy this is already motivation! As a result, they both are wrung out.

If you want to pump up or strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, but there is no way to go to the gym - this is a good reason to figure out how to learn to do push-ups.

Set yourself a specific goal by the number of repetitions at a time. The goal will not let you stop or go astray. But without a goal, you give up training in a week or a month.

Use the push-up options for beginners to pre-strengthen your muscles, exercise regularly and with pleasure. In this case, the result will not be long in coming!



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