How to learn more about sports: 7 interesting museums and an excursion to the football stadium

Winter is the best time to go to museums! The Challenger has prepared for you a selection of places where you can replenish your knowledge of the sport.

Who will like it: for those who at least once shouted at the stadium “Red-blue is the most strong! ", and those who are interested in the history of the development of sports.

What's interesting: The Central Sports Club of the Army is one of the largest sports communities in Russia. The CSKA Museum is divided into five thematic halls, each of which tells about sports in the original format. For example, in the blue room you can learn about ice hockey, in the red - about how the sport developed before and during the Great Patriotic War (then winter sports and track and field athletics were popular, therefore, the exposition presents a lot of wooden skis of impressive weight and size )

Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 39, p.

1, (metro "Airport", "Dynamo", "CSKA").

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 18:00 (by appointment).

How to learn more about sports: 7 interesting museums and an excursion to the football stadium

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Who will like it: everyone (and even those who shouted at the stadiums that red-blue is the most strong!).

What's interesting: as part of one excursion, you will visit the Spartak Hall of Fame, find out what the Opening Arena looks like from the inside, go into the locker room, sit on the coaching bench, and take a look at VIP - I’ll tell you where the famous Argentinean Diego Maradona was watching the World Cup match, and also hear a lot of interesting and unknown stories about the club to the general public.

Svetlana Kosyanenko

participant of the excursion

- My husband and I went on an excursion in cold weather year in winter. Most clearly I remember the very moment when we entered a huge empty - and most importantly, green - field. Such a crazy contrast with the Moscow winter. Uninhabited stands line up around, and this strange sensation of emptiness, atypical of the stadium, is fascinating. By the way, the cold inside the stadium was not felt in winter.

It seemed that there the temperature was slightly higher than on the streets.

Address: Moscow, Volokolamskoe sh. 69, the stadium "Discovery Arena".

Working hours: specify by phone +7 495 530 95 00 or on the website.

Who will like: serious sports enthusiasts and historical athletes.

What's interesting: This is a very conservative museum - the exposition consists of sports cups, prizes, medals and badges. History buffs will love the pre-revolutionary posters and posters that shouted for sporting events at the beginning of the last century. Of the museum’s pride is the 1882 Bike Spider, a 19th-century rowing machine and even Lev Yashin’s famous cap.

Bonus: you can go on a tour of the museum not only with a guide, but also accompanied by a professional athlete (sometimes even winners of the Olympic Games conduct tours).

Address : Moscow, 18 Kazakova street, bld.

2 (Kurskaya metro station).

Opening hours : Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 - 17:00. Mandatory pre-registration by phone.

How to learn more about sports: 7 interesting museums and an excursion to the football stadium

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Who will like it: for those who know the text of the song “A coward does not play hockey”.

What's interesting: The museum was opened three years ago during the World Hockey Championship in Moscow. The main exposition is dedicated to the Red Car (the so-called USSR national hockey team. - Comment. Ed. ) and reveals its history in the format of photo and video chronicle.

With new knowledge, you can safely go to the "FONBET Hockey Stars Week" from January 11 to 19 - you will definitely have something to discuss with other fans.

Ritt Butova

museum general director

- Our collection is a real envy even for European museums. For example, the director of the Finland Hockey Museum was very surprised and said that he could only dream of collecting all the awards of the Finnish national team!

Be sure to look at the historical selection of hockey equipment and get acquainted biographies of famous hockey players. And here you can try on the goalkeeper's equipment of the Russian national team (and never again scold him for missing the puck).

Address: Moscow, Avtozavodskaya street, 23, building 3 (Avtozavodskaya metro station).

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 12:00 - 20:00.

Who will like it: for those who support Dynamo - in football and in hockey.

What's interesting: The museum was opened in September 1988 and since then carefully preserves the history of the sports society that has raised many Olympic champions. The exposition - cups, medals, certificates, photographs of famous athletes, posters of the competition.

Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 36, building 13 (metro station Dynamo).

Operating hours: check by phone +7 495 777-70-71 or on the website .

Who will like it : fans of modern technology, Sochi Olympics volunteers (nostalgia for the sake of) and, possibly, architects.

What's interesting: it would be strange if there was no cool sports museum in the capital of the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Of course he is. And it is good for several reasons: the museum is very modern and has many authentic exhibits.

Tradition and technology create the perfect symbiosis here. Unmanned aerial vehicles, an interactive touch screen that allows you to track the progress of construction work, a three-dimensional visualization system - this and much more can be seen in the museum.

Address: Sochi, Sovetskaya street, 26 A.

Working hours: daily, except Monday, from 9:00 to 17:30 .

How to learn more about sports: 7 interesting museums and an excursion to the football stadium

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to like: for those for whom F1 is not only a button on the keyboard.

What's interesting: Sochi sports fans are known not only as the city that hosted the Olympic Games, but also as one of the owners of Formula 1. Therefore, the presence of an auto museum near the race track is justified.

You will see more than a hundred domestic cars of different years: passenger vehicles of the Great Patriotic War, the legendary Seagulls, Victory and government limousines. There are also simpler cars: Cossacks, Muscovites, Lada of different years, demonstrating the evolution of the automobile industry.

And of course, there was a collection of sports cars.

Address: Sochi, International Street 12.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

How to learn more about sports: 7 interesting museums and an excursion to the football stadium

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