How to keep running if you stop seeing the goal

You can burn out not only at work, but also in sports. And this is normal. The main thing is to understand what needs to be changed. We asked Dmitry Yastrebova, a running expert at Sportmaster, to tell us how to return to sports after a break and love the training again.

  • That will help not to quit training

    I still had a break: I didn’t run for four months at all.

    But then I decided to return and continue to study. Why? Running always gives a lot of emotions, and without them life no longer seems so saturated. In order not to quit training again, I began to keep a diary. Every month in a separate Excel file I wrote down all my activities: classes on horizontal bars, jogging. For me it was a way not to stop.

    When you already see several files on the desktop, you realize that several months have passed - you can’t stop at all.

Here is my playlist, which is ideal for a long workout.


    How important are the runner communities

    When you’re in a running party, it’s harder to burn out than when you do it alone. As a rule, running clubs help to improve not only overall fitness and endurance - there is interval work, there is already competition. It encourages you to come to workout again and again.

    The main thing here is that the club has an accessible location for everyone. If you find a person to run with, it’s a great happiness. I work out with a friend who lives nearby: we run together, we work out on horizontal bars, we recently turned on exercises with the rubber of a skier. We dilute the run with additional activities that can help in the run itself.

  • Music and running

    During interval training, the music is great for encouraging.

    You are accelerating, and the track still further drives you. During a long run, when a person runs for two to three hours, music can also help. Alternatively, podcasts or audiobooks. The legendary ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes in his book “Running Without Sleep” says that he listened to books while running, and during his life he ran a lot, a lot.



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