How to improve the quality of sleep

People spend in their sleep

a third of their lives.

If you are unsatisfied with how this third goes, read our material soon. Together

with the brand BOSE

we tell you what happens while a person is sleeping, and how to improve the quality of sleep with simple tools.

How to improve the quality of sleep

Sleep is a natural state for the human body. It affects physical and mental health and is regulated by brain activity cycles.

Sleep consists of

two basic states

: fast (REM) and slow (non-REM) sleep. REM - Ra40id Eye Movement - literally translates as "quick eye movement." During the night, the brain switches from slow to fast sleep and back several times. When a person is only falling asleep, the body


in a state of slow sleep. Then comes the REM sleep phase - at this time, brain activity is similar to daytime.

And so in a circle.

You need to sleep for at least 7-9 hours and go to bed before 12 at night . But in addition to the amount of sleep, its quality is equally important. The slow, deep sleep period is responsible for how well you rest at night.

The period of deep , slow sleep consists of

three stages


The first stage.

S falling asleep. Slows breathing, heart rate, brain activity decreases by 50% compared to daytime.

Second stage. Sleeping. Muscles relax, breathing becomes measured, body temperature decreases.

Brain activity slows down, but short flashes of activity are traced.

The third stage. Period of deep restorative sleep . It is he who is most valuable - during this stage tissue growth and restoration occurs, blood supply to the muscles increases, hormones are synthesized, and the energy level for the next day is restored. At this stage, the most difficult thing to wake a person.

Most of all in a slow sleep babies are: they sleep 16-17 hours a day . Least of all are people over 65 years old . Adults under 30 years of age - for about two hours every night. With age, people spend more and more time spend in fast sleep, and not in deep.

How to improve the quality of sleep

Usually REM sleep occurs approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep.


REM sleep

breathing quickens and brain activity increases, muscles relax, arms and legs can twitch. The first period of REM sleep lasts about ten minutes, the duration of each subsequent period increases. By morning, the duration of REM sleep reaches an hour. It is in this phase that people dream.

To sleep get stronger and get enough sleep,

you need to maximize the

amount of slow sleep.

The ratio of the phases of sleep

is affected by

ambient sounds, light, time of day and temperature.

How to improve the quality of sleep

The noise of the road, the rustling in the room, the sounds from the neighboring apartment - all this interferes with a good sleep. Chinese scientists have long come to the conclusion that earplugs and sleep masks help the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) and reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone). Ordinary earplugs from a pharmacy are not suitable for everyone, they are not very comfortable, sometimes it is difficult to sleep in them, during sleep they can jump out of your ears. There is a technological alternative:

Bose Slee226buds

electronic earplugs with masking of external noise.

Bose Slee250buds earplugs sit comfortably in your ears, do not interfere and help you sleep harder. Bose Slee266buds work with the free application for iOS and Android - Bose Slee272, through it you can turn on relaxing compositions and their duration. Sounds of nature will help you to go to sleep comfortably. Through the application, you can set the rise time - the alarm will sound only in your ears and will not wake others. Earplugs are suitable for all people - in the kit there are three pairs of nozzles of different sizes.

Bose Slee287buds can be easily taken on trips with a convenient pouch bag. The kit includes a case where ear plugs are charged and stored. This case has a microUSB connector - for charging. One charge of the cover is enough for two additional recharges of electronic ear plugs.

Try to sleep in total darkness .

If lanterns are shining from the street, hang the windows with blackout curtains and wear masks for sleeping. Do not look into your smartphone or computer before going to bed - the blue light from the gadgets

excites the

nervous system and does not allow you to quickly fall asleep.

How to improve the quality of sleep

The human body can adapt to any circumstances to ensure good health. If you go to bed every day at about the same time, the body will get used to the regimen, you will begin to fall asleep faster, and the quality of sleep will improve.

You probably noticed that in the summer in the heat of sleep poorly.

The ideal temperature

in the bedroom for falling asleep is 17-19 degrees. If the battery temperature is not regulated at home, simply ventilate the room before going to bed.

How to improve the quality of sleep

  • do sports every day for 20-30 minutes;
  • go out for a walk before bedtime;
  • do not drink coffee and energy drinks after 15 hours;
  • take a hot bath before going to bed.


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