How to grill properly: chef's advice

Meat - lamb, beef, veal, pork - you need to start pickling at least five hours before frying. Chicken will be pickled in three hours, fish and vegetables in 10-15 minutes, unless, of course, you are going to fry a six-kilogram carcass. I love veal kebabs, marinating it is simple: onions, salt, pepper, a little vegetable oil. I do not really like it when there are foreign spices or herbs in the taste of veal with onions. When I cook the carcass of the fish, I add garlic and dill inside, and salt and pepper outside.

I really like pickling vegetables in garlic oil (beat a blender with 100 g of vegetable oil with 15 g of garlic), it also turns out to be a bomb.

If you are going to use greens for pickles, in any case do not chop it, put it in its entirety: greens will give up their aroma in any case. Before cooking, it is better to remove it, otherwise it will give the meat an unpleasant bitterness. If you decide to add sourness to the meat, then instead of vinegar, which is used in most cases, I recommend adding tomatoes or sauerkraut. The taste will be amazing! I still do not recommend adding dry spices to the marinades - this will not affect the taste.

The main secret of cooking dishes lies in the person who cooks them - with what attitude he does it, this will turn out to be a dish. So always cook with pleasure!



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