How to go live abroad

According to VTsIOM, every tenth Russian would like to go live abroad. According to information from various official sources, from 600 thousand to one million Russians live outside their country. Let's try to figure out why so many people dream of living in another country and how to prepare for the move.

First you need to clearly state the reason for the move. Often people leave their countries because of a real threat.

But there are cases when the question: "why do you want to leave?" the man replies: "what is there to do?" This, of course, is not the answer. First you need to decide what you want to find in another country and what you are missing here.

Often people begin to think about moving after tourist or student trips. So, never confuse tourism with emigration. Even in your wildest dreams, always remain realistic.

How to go live abroad

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After you determine the reason of your move, it's time to choose your destination. Take this issue seriously. Open a map of the city, look at prices, read forums - what people lack there. Many even bring groceries with them.

Yes, yes, not everywhere you can find your favorite buckwheat and red caviar.

For many emigrants, the most difficult part of the move is the psychological one. Separation from family, friends, favorite places, home apartment. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to move with someone, use it. It is very important to feel support in such a difficult period, share problems and, accordingly, increase positive emotions.

How to go live abroad

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You need to be aware that if you are not traveling to a finished workplace, at first the quality of life will be very different from your usual one. The higher the standard of living in the country, the more money you need to save. It is desirable that the amount covers rental housing for at least a couple of months. There are stories when people come to a new country with a hundred dollars in their pocket, and then become millionaires.

There are not many such stories, and it can take 40 years.

Each country has its own rules and laws. As a rule, the higher the standard of living, the more difficult it is to draw up documents. Again, if you do not have an invitation from the employer, then most likely you will need a good lawyer who will tell you about your options and help you arrange the paperwork.

With a well-planned move, you really can gradually achieve your goals.

But be prepared for the fact that in addition to a dream come true, you will have another healthcare system, a different transport, a different mentality, and probably a different climate. Get ready for everything in advance.

Moving to another country is a huge life experience. Even if you get bored with your home and return, no one can take away from you a sea of ​​emotions and impressions acquired during the trip.

How to go live abroad

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