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A fitness presenter is the person you could see on the stage of a fitness convention or festival. He charges the crowd and energetically shows various exercises - presents a fitness program.

In theory, anyone can become a fitness presenter, for this you do not need to work as a fitness trainer for a long time. But there is another nuance: almost everyone is capable of becoming a good coach in the club, but not all are able to become good presenters. This lesson combines many other professions: instructor, presenter, showman, DJ, photo and video editor, promotion and advertising specialist.

By all means reach out to the dream: one of the contestants - Rodion Chuprin speaks.

Being a presenter is not just a lesson on stage. It is important for people who decide to associate themselves with this profession to have excellent communication skills, marketing knowledge and international contacts. The presenter's responsibilities include the development of unique fitness programs, and their presentation. One needs to be mega-sociable and charming in order to spark in people the enthusiasm that they will transmit to others.

In general, this is really a huge job.

But it’s worth it - this activity has more advantages than working as a regular fitness trainer: recognition, popularity, winning position at prestigious fitness centers, a chance to become popular not only in Russian, but also in international market, as well as the opportunity to earn and travel at the same time.

Like any other profession, presenting has its drawbacks. It takes a lot of effort and time to become a successful fitness presenter. But how differently? In addition, you will often have to drive around, as a result - an irregular schedule; At first you need to combine this with another job - the presentation will not bring big money at once; and in this area there is high competition.

But all this is not a reason to abandon the goal.

The audience is waiting for the master class from the presenter.

There are no specialized schools in Russia where a trainer can “retrain” for a presenter. But in Moscow, the first of its kind contest was held - NEW WAYS Com40etition. He received the status of a world where everyone could prove himself, show what he is capable of, and become a recognized fitness presenter.

Previously, similar competitions in other countries provided an opportunity for the start of the Russian guys who wanted to declare themselves in the field of presentation. Now, Russian fitness presenters have decided to educate a new generation on their own. One of the organizers of NEW WAYS Com42etition Pavel Fatykhov began his journey 13 years ago. The highlights were the victories in Leaderfit Contest 2010 (France) and Thiam King Future Presenter 2010 (Italy) - they gave a powerful impetus to the career of the presenter.

The competition was declared as world, and it confirmed this status: guys from Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, Italy, France and even exotic Jamaica took part in it.

The organizers wanted to make the competition for the participants as interesting and objective as possible from the point of view of refereeing, so it took place in three stages:

  1. the first stage is a marathon. It consisted of master classes in the areas of functional training, dance and step aerobics;
  2. second stage - 12 candidates who distinguished themselves at the marathon presented a 13-minute solo introduction as presenters;
  3. to the last stage only six contestants passed. They had to show what they are capable of for the past 28 minutes.

Winner of the competition Maxime Fort (France) and founder New Ways Com91etition Pavel Fatykhov.

According to the results of the competition, Alessio Pertica and Anna Shevchuk became bronze and silver medalists, respectively, and Maxime Fort took the first place.

Each of them got the opportunity to present their master classes at conventions in Italy, France, Russia. This is the main feature of the competition, this is not the case in other competitions: the winners get a real chance to start a fitness presenter career. And also such prizes as sports equipment from Reebo k , products of the Herbalife 24 sports line and gifts from HOT TOURS.

Gold medalist of the Maxime Fort competition looks that he was presented with the brand Herbalife Nutrition.

Pavel Fatykhov gives a couple of important tips to those who are already fired up with the idea of ​​becoming a fitness presenter.

Anastasia Alexandridi, an international fitness presenter, conducts a “star” master class.



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