How to gain muscle mass: 5 tips from Denis Gusev

To begin with, not every person can build muscle. If you are under 30 years of age or more and at the same time you have never been involved in sports, it is unlikely to build muscle. The muscle corset is directly related to the hormonal balance in the body. For muscles to appear, a person must have an average and above average level of anabolic hormones in the blood, for example testosterone and growth hormone - natural hormones that the body produces. If the level of these hormones is low, a person will not gain muscle mass: the body simply will not allow him to do this.

Therefore, I would advise you to take hormone tests before starting to gain mass.

When building muscle, as well as losing weight, a phenomenon such as the plateau effect occurs - a stop of progress. The fact is that the body does not allow a person to lose a lot of weight or gain a lot of it - a protective function works. And this is absolutely normal his reaction. For any shift to occur, it is important not to give up, but to continue to train: only training and responding stress will give an anabolic response, that is, make the body produce more hormones that are responsible for muscle growth.

In general, you should not expect quick results: the first changes appear in the third or fourth month, sometimes a little earlier. Proper nutrition, regular training, the absence of bad habits, compliance with the regime, of course, time (six months to a year) - and everything will be as it should.



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