How to find time for important matters: 5 time management techniques that work

Don’t finish what you’ve started, or start important things at the last moment? Try to use these time management techniques in your daily life. Simple rules will save time and teach you how to organize the day.

One of the simplest time management techniques invented by Francesco Cirillo increases personal effectiveness and allows you to concentrate for half an hour on one task.

You need to break the task into segments of 25 minutes and leave 5 minutes for a break. You can increase the time limit for completing a task if you feel that 25 minutes is not enough for you.

The main rule: during the time allotted for work, do not be distracted by social media tapes, checking mail, calls, snacks, TV shows and everything else. After every fourth approach to work, you can take a long break: 15-20 minutes. To make it more interesting, download the application to your phone.

Using the “tomato method” (it owes its name to the kitchen timer, as in the photo below. - Approx.

Ed. ) you can plan your day, choose a difficult or unpleasant task and be sure that you will finish what you started to the end. Write a diploma, prepare a report, read a book, submit a project, write an article on a blog, study a foreign language - make a list of tasks and distribute them for every day.

How to find time for important matters: 5 time management techniques that work

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A method invented by Brian Tracy, is this: start every day with a task that seems unpleasant to you ("eat a frog"): do a house cleaning, talk with a supervisor about a promotion, prepare for an exam, sign up for a dentist, make a mandatory payment.

First of all, do what annoys or scares you. After that you will have a sense of accomplishment, you will feel relief and will get a great mood for the whole day.

"Eat the frog" - calmly proceed to more pleasant things. And write down the unpleasant tasks for every morning, so as not to save them or solve immediately in one day. Get used to doing such things as they appear.

How to find time for important matters: 5 time management techniques that work

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If you can directly do something in two minutes now - do it. For example, answer an important message, wash dishes immediately after eating, call a courier, sign up for an interview, and do exercises for the press.

Do not put off things that take a little time. Only 120 seconds - and you will forget about the task that sat in your head.

This simple technique will help you defeat laziness and cope with procrastination.

British writer Cyril Northcote Parkinson formulated this rule : "The work is expanding to fill the time available for its completion." Think, maybe you work better and more productively when you are limited in time. Sometimes a person in a very short time is able to complete a task that stretches for months (remember how you prepared for exams at night).

Concentrate on the task and do not let yourself be distracted by external factors: turn off all notifications on the laptop, set the phone to airplane mode, exit social network accounts, put on your headphones so that nothing distracts you.

Whenever possible, set deadlines, even if they are not needed - it will be easier to complete tasks and this will take less time.

How to find time for important matters: 5 time management techniques that work

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Try to understand on what most often spend your time and what are the results. You can create a notebook that you will carry with you, and each time write down what you are doing at this moment. Note in a notebook the time of the beginning and end of a particular case.

You may be surprised that it took 7 hours to prepare a simple report because you drank coffee three times, called your friends, watched a new series - doing what took your time.

You can download the RescueTime application - it works in the background and tracks how you spend time on your smartphone. With RescueTime, you can block applications that distract you from work. Also, study a report that will show how productive you were.



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