How to find a balance between a healthy lifestyle and night parties (4 stories)

musician (punk band "CIRCLE"), journalist

- To balance in life, I am looking for salvation in a change of activity: in one week I can have something musical (mixing music, rehearsals or even a concert), something sports (charging, running, lately boxing), something related to journalism ( editing, translations, interviews). At the same time, social hygiene is absolutely necessary - the fact that I am a freelancer and an independent artist helps me avoid communicating with unwanted people during the day, although this does not always work - no one is safe from ****** (bad people. - Approx.ed. ).

And of course, support, love and friendship are important in the family and with loved ones: at the slightest discomfort, we understand the reasons and always help each other. In short, no toxic relationship.

Plus - for many years now, since school, I have been involved in various sports, and in recent years, one regular activity has appeared among my classes, and this is charging. All my “cubes” are the result of five abdominal exercises, squats, hips and push ups. Classic, therefore, it may sound boring, but it really takes very little time and improves well-being.

I also drink water all the time, I can’t live without it. Of course, all kinds of sports detentions: in the last year these are skateboarding lessons, in the last couple of weeks - boxing. Trains balance and helps build armor. And it also helps from time to time to forgive someone - you free your head, shake the mountain off your shoulders.

They all correctly say about life at night: melatonin is not produced, the level of cortisol and stress rises.

You feel like a piece of shit, you want to eat more, and all kinds of garbage. If you still do not sleep at the same time, you look as if you have recently been dug out from under the ground. In short, the floating work schedule, sports and the ability to sometimes not talk with anyone except my husband helps me, restoring strength, voice and empathy. And of course, Twitter and TV shows on Netflix. So you can live well with the midnight schedule.

The main thing is to get enough sleep.

Almost three years ago, in the fall of 2015, I gave up alcohol, and this event drastically changed my life. It's funny that I went in for sports before: for example, I ran a marathon, made a bunch of sports reviews for life-style publications, and tried different types of physical activity. But pretty soon it became clear to me that all this was like pedaling with a flying chain: you gain momentum, but you completely lose control over the course of your life, body, course of the weekend, everyday life and thoughts. I have no illusions that I am able to subordinate world entropy to my will, but something still remains in my power.

For example, my body and my thoughts.

In particular, now I understand that what I thought alcohol was saving me from is actually provoked by him. Alcohol is a serious depressant, so drinking it “for fun” is like, say, washing with mud (I apologize for the not-too-elegant comparison). Or take the myth that wine is supposedly an antioxidant: yes, thanks to grapes there are useful compounds in wine, but you should not succumb to the so-called gallo effect - their concentration is not enough to consider the product itself useful. Finally, the intoxication that alcohol brings is directly related to the work of the decay products of ethanol, and these are quite toxic substances.

In principle, I could have familiarized myself with the materiel, but it was scary to face the truth. And now a sense of awareness gives a tangible drive to existence.



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