How to finally get enough sleep: the ultimate guide to healthy sleep

Sleep is when we close our eyes and partially lose consciousness. In this state, we spend about

one third of life

. And although everyone is well aware that

lack of sleep is harmful

, we still sometimes stay up until two in the night, and wallow in bed for up to two days on weekends.

Of course, this is not necessary. The fact is that sleep is not a break in the brain, but an active process, during which the brain intensively strengthens our health and restores order in the body.

Configures the metabolism. For example, it regulates the level of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for appetite. That is why sleep deprived people often overeat and are overweight.

Strengthens the antimicrobial defense , enhancing the early stage of the immune response. So people who sleep little are more vulnerable to infections than those who get enough sleep.

For example, people who were allowed to sleep after hepatitis A vaccination had more antibodies to the virus than people who were not allowed to sleep.

"Turns off" inflammation. Controlled inflammation is an important protective reaction of the body. Uncontrolled inflammation is one of the causes of the early development of cardiovascular diseases and other age-related diseases. In general, we will sleep poorly - we will grow older faster.

Writes new information to long-term memory. Not getting enough sleep before exams if you studied hard before this is a bad idea. Maybe you’ll pass the exam, but it’s unlikely that in a week you will remember what you taught.



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