How to explain to relatives that you decided to prepare for IRONMAN

A few years of hard training, strict diets, lack of free time and a dubious goal at the end - something like this for many looks like preparation for IRONMAN. We asked Ilya Kosov, who overcame several "iron" distances, to answer the most frequent and sometimes inappropriate questions that are asked about this race.

If you want to prepare for IRONMAN, you really have to pay a lot of attention to training. But besides this, I have a family and work, I find time for everything. I work as a trainer in a fitness club: I prepare people for swims and races.

My wife and child go to the start with me, and we enjoy these trips. Yes, I don’t sit on bars on Fridays. Yes, I have to plan my schedule to keep up. Thanks to the triathlon, I learned this too.

Preparation for IRONMAN takes about two years ( in the case when you do not have a sports base).

Before the competition I recommend that you devote 8-15 hours a week to training, in other periods you can do it more relaxed. If you do a lot every day, the body can’t stand it, you can only do harm to yourself. You need to set a goal for yourself and slowly but surely move towards it.

Short answer . Nothing of the kind, I will plan my day and keep up with everything.

When I came to triathlon, my social circle actually changed. I have made new friends who are also involved in the triathlon and whom I often meet at starts. Someone from old friends supported my hobby, now I experience their sports ups and downs with them. Some did not understand me, and with them I lost touch. This is normal.

Over time - when you move to a new job, go to college or move to another city - the social circle changes one way or another.

Short answer . If we are interested in each other, we will find time for meetings.

How to explain to relatives that you decided to prepare for IRONMAN

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Possible , simpler, but definitely not so interesting.

I used to go in for swimming, but I reached a certain level and got fed up. Why triathlon? People from other sports often come to it: running, swimming and even martial arts. And only in the triathlon you can understand which athlete is stronger. When I perform well, I am charged with positive emotions. When I perform poorly, sports anger comes in, which encourages me to become stronger next time.

There are many difficulties in the triathlon, which is why such a sport is addictive. And the triathlon is worth doing for the title of IRONMAN. I often say that you get this title not during a race, but during training. For the sake of IRONMAN, you learn to rebuild your life and conquer yourself.

Short answer .

I'm not looking for easy ways, and I like it.

This objections there is reason. Triathlon - these are three different types of load, and not everyone is ready for them. Swimmers, for example, have developed muscles and a circulatory system, but ligaments, tendons, and bones are not designed to work on land. When a swimmer starts to run, his body is developed, but his body is not adapted to a new load.

As a result, the athlete may be injured. If you want to protect yourself, I advise you to engage with a coach, at least at first. He will plan your training process, set a goal and help achieve results. If you still decide to prepare for the race yourself, follow the "rule of three p": plan, be constant and progress. Do not chase volumes, be consistent and accurate.

Short answer . No, I will do it carefully, introduce the load gradually, and everything will be fine.

How to explain to relatives that you decided to prepare for IRONMAN

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Not to say that a triathlon is a cheap sport. Although the costs depend on the goal.

The bicycle stage, of course, empties the pocket most of all. But first, you can rent a simple bike and use it for two weeks, a month or a season. Another option: buy an inexpensive used bike. Not much money is spent on swimming equipment. One wetsuit is enough for you for a long time.

I’ve been swimming in mine for the fifth year now and feel fine, although it’s already frayed and ragged in places. Sneakers, of course, need to be changed more often: you must have starting sneakers and two or three pairs of training ones. But they can be bought at sales.

You will surely have a question how to pay for starts. You can fly to the races in America, Asia and generally anywhere.

But there are races in the Russian regions. There is also an excellent organization and participation is not so expensive. In general, the organizers of the starts are now trying to cover all segments of the population and make sure that the triathlon does not look like a sport only for the rich.

Short answer . If necessary, I will find what and how to save on.


Triathlon - it’s not a race, but a way of life. Of course, restrictions on food and mode are inevitable, especially before competitions. After the competition, I take a month-long break in training and do not follow a diet. It is necessary to rest. As soon as I begin to feel that the body is becoming flabby, I immediately begin to train: I want to move, plan a new start and join the mode.

In general, I came to all restrictions consciously. I do not scoff at the body and do not inflict psychological trauma on myself. In fact, I just eliminated unnecessary habits. For example, I don’t drink alcohol anymore, and I like it. But at the same time, I know athletes who do not give up alcohol, and perform like most do not dream of.

Short answer . Not necessary! As I want, so will I do.

How to explain to relatives that you decided to prepare for IRONMAN

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If your partner tells you this, you may need to listen. Just imagine: you disappear all the time at the starts or in the gym, come home late and go to bed right there.

Your partner is patient and angry. Now imagine a different situation: you don’t disappear in the evenings at the club and together with your partner plan trips to the places where the starts take place (and these are usually interesting directions). The support of loved ones is important, thanks to it you can overcome a lot. But sometimes loved ones want to get something in return, for example, to understand that they are not indifferent to you and that the triathlon, roughly speaking, will not lead you out of the family.

Short answer .

I will not focus on my passion and can pay enough attention to the family, and we will solve issues with the budget together.



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