How to explain to parents (and not only them) that you decided to leave Russia

Since 2012, more than 330 thousand Russians

have left

from the country. On the example of the most popular questions about moving, we tell how to explain to relatives (and see for ourselves) that emigration is not a disaster.

In 2018, seventeen percent of Russians


about emigration. This is a fifth of the country's adult population. People leave for other countries in order to live better, grow professionally and realize themselves.

If you grew up in a small city and want to change your life, then moving to another country is a good alternative to moving to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Residents of the capital are also thinking about moving: every fifth Muscovite


to leave Russia.

Short answer: I respect the country where I was born, but I want to change the situation and try to live in other conditions.

This proverb very fond of older people.

However, they do not know (or do not pay attention to statistics) that more and more qualified specialists


to work from Russia to other countries . The “brain drain” (this is the official name for the emigration of specialists and scientists) is promoted by high salaries in foreign companies and the opportunity to build a career. In 2019, you can "come in handy" anywhere - it all depends on your skills.

Short answer: I do not see for myself the development opportunities in Russia, but they exist in another country.

How to explain to parents (and not only them) that you decided to leave Russia

It’s good if you move to a country where you have already visited or managed to live a couple of months.

It’s easier to move if you are already familiar with the mentality, local habits and customs. Even a few friends there facilitate the process of "acclimatization" after moving to an unfamiliar city. If this is not your case - do not worry. There are always and everywhere people who easily make contact. Potential acquaintances and friends are your neighbors, new colleagues or citizens at the next table in the cafe.

Short answer: I am interested in meeting people, I am sure that I will find new friends in the city.

Immigrant - it is not a sentence or a curse. At different times, many famous people left Russia: composer Sergey Rakhmaninov, writers Ivan Bunin and Vladimir Nabokov, singer Fyodor Chaliapin, artist Vasily Kandinsky, ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Today, almost 45 million US residents are

visitors from other countries

. Immigrants quite successfully live abroad: they create their own projects, start families and eventually turn into local residents.

And not only in the cultural sense, but also in the legal one. For example, foreign specialists and members of their families, students from other countries and foreign investors can apply for a residence permit in Spain. In America, a green card leads to citizenship.

Short answer: If I like the living conditions in the country, I can apply for citizenship. There I can also become a citizen of the country.

How to explain to parents (and not only them) that you decided to leave Russia

To work abroad, you usually need a special work visa. Find out in advance what possibilities the legislation of the country offers in your case. Remember that in most Western countries, for example, in




, discrimination based on ethnicity (as well as age, gender and other grounds) when hiring is prohibited by law. This means that employers are required to select candidates for the position solely on professional qualities.

Short answer: There are many opportunities for work, I am sure that I will find a suitable position.

This is partly and there is. Diplomas of Moscow State University and MGIMO give advantages only in Russia, abroad they do not particularly differ from certificates of other Russian universities. In the

ranking of universities QS

2019, Moscow State University took the twenty-first place in the natural sciences, in the rest it did not even enter the first fifty (leading in Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford Universities, London School of Economics and Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

In the West, representatives of technical and rare professions are highly valued. In Europe there is a " EU blue card" , which gives the right to sought-after specialists to obtain a residence permit and employment in most countries of the European Union.

The list of professions includes doctors of narrow specializations, financial analysts, psychologists, psychotherapists, IT specialists, lawyers, lawyers and teachers of exact sciences.

Short answer: It is. But my skills will help me find a good job.

How to explain to parents (and not only them) that you decided to leave Russia

Relatives will worry about you, and this is normal. If you have a moving plan, budget, and you know what you will do in your new place of residence, tell your relatives about it.

Quietly explain that modern communications will help you communicate every day. After leaving, share with your parents the details of your life at least for the first time.

Short answer: Don’t worry, I won’t forget about you. We will all the time call up by video, talk on the phone and come to visit each other.



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