How to explain to friends why you no longer drink alcohol

Actually, you don’t have to explain anything to anyone, but the fact of refusal from alcohol is too resonant an event in the company of friends. At best, your friends will call you to account, and at worst, they will try to convince you and make you drink. This text will help you prepare for endless questions and pick up a rude answer to even the most tactless question (although if you answer rudely, we will understand you).

If everything in life were so simple! One glass is followed by a second and third. And it is not a matter of willpower, but of the

influence of alcohol17 on the nervous system.


allows you to

a person to relax, neutralize stress , and also increases the level of dopamine, which causes a sensation intoxicated . And here to stop - but no. And alcohol has a

psycho-stimulating effect

- a person becomes impulsive, it is difficult for him to control himself and rationally evaluate the consequences of their actions. In addition, the use of alcohol (even this notorious "shot glass") occurs, as a rule, in the company - all the attention and resources of the participants are aimed at maintaining a conversation, joking and arguing. The focus shifts, and a person can not only drink more than he planned, but also eat more than he really wanted.

Short answer: No, I decided (a) that tonight will be held under the sign "zero ppm." You yourself understand that even a small amount of alcohol will prevent me from reaching my goal.

Here, too everything is complicated and ambiguous. The first difficulty is trying to establish these "small amounts." Allowed norm in all countries is


, but usually in such cases we are talking about

10-30 grams

of alcohol per day.

At the same time, we mean the threshold after which the use of alcohol begins to threaten health. This does not make everything drunk “on the threshold” automatically useful. The second difficulty is just connected with the benefit. To conduct high-quality (read: long-term and random) studies is almost impossible. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to countless scientific publications about the dangers and benefits of moderate (!) Alcohol consumption and

not giving out

desired (correlation) for actual (causal relationship).

However, for health reasons, doctors don’t drink recommends , representatives of WHO_105> they are supported in this and write that, in principle, "there is no safe level of alcohol consumption." As for the wine and its "miraculous" properties, this is also a myth ( and we have already destroyed it ).

Short answer: This is some kind of outdated information. There is neither healthy alcohol nor least harmful. And yes, if I suddenly want to do something “useful” for my body, I’d better eat a vegetable salad.

How to explain to friends why you no longer drink alcohol

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Not I bet alcohol really helps to relax, the problems just start later - when alcohol becomes the only way to deal with stress, escape from the "harsh reality". Firstly, it’s a direct path to the alcohol And secondly, to trouble. Statistics show that during such "shoots" the greatest number of offenses occurs. According to


published by the Prosecutor General of our country, "every third crime in Russia is committed intoxicated" (information for the first half of 2018 of the year).

Short answer: Definitely not the best! So yesterday I swam (a) three kilometers in the pool and tell you - not bad so managed to relax and reboot.

Во- first, yes, to combine alcohol with antibiotics -


idea (first of all, it is


preparations of metronidazole, tinidazole, cefamandole, cefotetan, moxalactam, chloramphenicol, ketoconazole and so on). Secondly, yes, it is risky and dangerous to drink alcohol in any quantity during pregnancy -

fetal alcohol syndrome

has not been canceled. Thirdly, yes, going sick to parties and leaning on a strong drink is dishonest towards those you are at risk of infecting, and is inhumane towards your body that needs to recover.

Well, and finally, all these questions are terribly tactless, you do not have to answer them, much less let outsiders crawl into your privacy.

Short answer: I am very pleased that you are so worried about my health. I am ready to discuss this area of ​​life with you, provided that next time you will bear all the financial costs associated with my medical care. Deal?

How to explain to friends why you no longer drink alcohol

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What mean fast? On average, the body


for about an hour to cope with 10 milliliters of alcohol. However, this indicator varies depending on the weight, age, gender, liver condition (how good is it), metabolism, quantity and quality of drunk and eaten, as well as whether a person is taking medication, and if so, what kind of drugs .

As you can see, trying to calculate the time in which you can fall below the coveted

0.16 milligrams of ethyl alcohol per liter

of expired air, - thankless job. You can’t drive a car!

Short answer: I plan to have a good evening, and not to consciously risk my life and the lives of others. Relying on chance and hoping that everything will disappear, as if I'm not going to.

Of course,

social factor

and the environment play a huge role in the formation of unhealthy relationships with alcohol.

Excluding alcohol from your life, you should understand: your friend zone


will not be the same. The friends with whom you exclusively associated drinking bouts are likely to fall off. As for friends - if before that you regularly drank a glass and a glass with them, and now you order tea under their goggles, do not be surprised at the questions. Try to be condescending: just as you find it difficult to form a new habit and get away from the traditional holiday-alcohol formula, your friends need time to accept the innovations.

In addition, the principle of a photographer on a nudist beach is triggered here - you will be sober to observe the awkward behavior of tipsy friends.

This "inequality" confuses some people, because they are used to thinking that without alcohol it is impossible to have fun and be on the same wavelength. You can break this stereotype!

Short answer: You won’t believe it, but I am here because I want to communicate and have fun, and not because I dream of something no one got drunk. This is my personal choice, I do not impose it on anyone.

How to explain to friends why you no longer drink alcohol

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Sports after alcohol gatherings - a special form of masochism (hello, hangover !).

T This kind of training is unlikely to help

come nearer

to achieve sports goals. Dehydration, decreased attention and concentration (increased risk of injury), low productivity, muscle weakness - these are the main


why alcohol and sports do not mix well. Training will be unreasonably hard. So, sitting at once on two chairs in this matter, alas, will not work - you have to make a choice.

Short answer: No, we have already agreed with the coach, I can’t transfer it.

In addition, I have so many sports goals - I don’t want to miss a trend at all.

Do not rush to come up with polite answers to tactless questions, to develop an official legend, why today you pass - instead focus on yourself. The only person you should respect is you. There will always be enough people around who believe that sobriety is the norm of life, and there will be those who insistently begin to persuade you to drink "one at a time." These people do not care about you at all, so they solve their internal problems, fight at your expense with their complexes and phobias.

Do you agree to give up your choice for this?

Short answer: I respect you as much as you respect my personal boundaries and my right to independently manage my life and what is in my glass.



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