How to drop everything to make a movie

- At 14, I decided that I would become a journalist. I was pleased that already at such a young age I understood what I wanted to do. I remember that at the awarding ceremony for the winners of the competition of the Union of Journalists, I quoted something from Dovlatov - that if you can’t stop doing art, it’s not you who chose it, but it is you. My whole family, consisting of professors and associate professors, was very surprised at whom I went.

In a series of One-Storied America, Vladimir Pozner said: there is nothing more interesting than telling human stories.

In my first year at the Faculty of Television Journalism, I watched the documentary film Sergei Miroshnichenko “Born in the USSR” - and the meaning of everything was finally formulated. I wanted to tell people stories about their real life, in which there is pain, dreams, disappointments, overcoming - to give hope to those who watch this movie.

After the third year, I ended up in practice at the Rain in Moscow, where they taught me everything - from confident calls to important people to the ability to quickly think in difficult situations. Two months later, I was unexpectedly offered to stay on a permanent job (I still don’t really understand what they found in me). But I did not fit this work at all.

That summer, when I received my diploma and nevertheless quit my relief, I left with friends for a dance festival in Portugal. In general, I always dreamed of dancing, but for the first time I went to classes at only 20 years old. And then something beautiful happened at that festival: the universe decided to remind me of what I always wanted to do. I saw the performances of three different pairs from Portugal, Angola and Panama. There was so much love, passion, faith, disappointment in their dances - so much life! I went up to them and asked: "Can I make a movie about you?" Of course you can, girl.

I started talking to them and found out their stories.

How to drop everything to make a movie


How to drop everything to make a movie


Paulo and Lanna are Angolans. They moved with their families to Portugal in search of a better life as children. They met in Lisbon in a dance group and since then have not parted for ten years - they are a couple both on stage and in life. Kizombu is dancing - a pair Angolan dance.

Their culture is about love, gratitude for the opportunity to live (and in Angola there were civil wars, and hunger, and poverty) and respect for people. This is probably one of the few dances that does not involve tricks for the entertainment of the public. It is generally not for the public. Kizomba is a kind and open conversation between partners.

Paulo and Lanna dance to make people happy.

Because looking at them it is impossible not to smile. They share this joy with the whole world, even when this world does not seem to understand them - in recent years there have been many dancers who have taken the Angolan kizomba as a basis, changed its idea, style and music, but left the name and successfully sell this project. The new version looks much more spectacular than the traditional one and pulls hundreds, if not thousands of people, because they do not need to study the history of music and dance, you can just learn a few chips and conquer the dance floor. For me, the story of Paulo and Lanna that if you believe in something, it must be done no matter what - and one day the truth will be on your side. Perhaps they are my role model.

How to drop everything to make a movie

Ricardo and Paula

But Ricardo and Paula, they have been together for 14 years. They met when he was 17 and he first came to a salsa lesson, where Paula was not just a teacher, but a star. After the lesson, he stayed at the party and later proudly told his parents: "Today I danced with Paula twice!" Soon they became dance partners, and then unexpectedly - even for themselves - fell in love. Over the years, they have created a strong dance brand: they are invited to perform and give lessons around the world, they have opened several schools in Portugal.

Their story is about how much energy you need to save a family.

Paula is 13 years older than Ricardo, she is 47. She says she is dancing to be better. Better for a husband, next to whom there are always a lot of young girls. Better for the stage - the dancer’s career is short, and you need to stay at the highest level for as long as possible. When a question arises before their couple about the need for Paula to leave the stage, what will happen to their family? How will Ricardo's career continue?

How to drop everything to make a movie


How to drop everything to make a movie


The third story about Albir and Carola is about how to look for your way and Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Once Albir was a thin Panamanian boy with big glasses and braces, which bullies scoffed at. At age 14, he began to dance hip-hop in order to survive all this. But now thousands of girls around the world (at least those who dance kizomba) secretly sigh through Albira. He left his relatives in Panama and moved to Madrid to become a professional dancer. And he became one.

Albir wants to return, but before that he wants to save enough money to ensure a decent life for his mother, sister and nephew.

Karola is a ballerina who, after 20 years of hard work, was not accepted into a professional troupe, because her body is larger than expected from a ballerina. She began to dance almost all styles in a row, just to dance. So she was paired with Albir. Their work is constant traveling, business trips.

At 37, she faced a choice between dancing and a chance to start a family, she chose the second. Carola stopped working with Albir, and her young man left her after a couple of months. In one summer, she lost everything. And then she started all over again. Both Albir and Carola are mistaken, meet with the wrong people, make the wrong decisions, but believe in a happy ending.

They prove that at the age of 40, life is just beginning.

These six people are one of the most beautiful people that I have met. When I feel sad, I watch them dance - and I feel better. They give hope, a feeling of freedom. I don’t know how they do it.

I really want to share these feelings with the world. Two years ago, I shot a short trailer about my heroes. Look - and you will fall in love with them just like me.

Last fall, I realized: if for so many years I have not been able to throw this idea away - to make a movie out of my head, it was not me who invented it, but she came to me.

I decided to drop everything.

Over the past few months, I’ve only worked to launch fundraising on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform (if you want to help Anna make a film, click on this pink link. - Approx. Ed. ). I am very inspired by the idea of ​​ownership and the ability to do something beautiful together.

I have a month to achieve my goal.

For me, this story is also that asking for help is not a shame. You can change the world with the small efforts of a large number of people.

- I believe that in a couple of years I’ll write a story about how she made the best film in the world thanks to the support of several hundred people.



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