How to do sports in the morning for 90 days in a row and not give up

On the sixtieth day, the idea began to haunt me that the whole story with spreading reports on Instagram was stupid, that it was not serious and was not my age. Such thoughts prevailed between awakening and the moment when I started to run. Then the mood improved. But this became a tangible problem, I even thought of having a party, feeding everyone and finishing the challenge. He kept his Instagram activity to a minimum - he published one dry report in the morning.

Then I had a terrible stress at work - I lost sleep, appetite and said goodbye to normal digestion. I didn’t think that it happens. I lost a lot of weight and became weak, got sick (but still did not understand what). I had to give up classes in the gym for a while and leave only morning workouts in the schedule. On some of them I literally crawled out.

My head was spinning, I did a warm-up and walked home. Of course, I could take a timeout, but for me it would be not the same.

I don’t advise anyone to declare a challenge immediately for 90 days, it’s better to start from 21, then extend to 60, and only then to 90. Even for people who get up in the morning and start the day with sports is a normal practice, it will be difficult to follow the schedule for three consecutive months without the opportunity to take a break and sleep.



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