How to disassemble the trash in the apartment: detailed instructions

Old, leaky, well-worn things that no one has been wearing for years, and you hide them on the balcony or upper shelves of the closet. Or are these good things that you simply don’t need: a graduation dress at school, beautiful but uncomfortable shoes, a sweater too big, or skinny jeans.

Newspapers, magazines, old letters, postcards, old bills, checks, posters, tickets, old boxes from the equipment . What other waste paper do you have? More often than not, it just shifts from place to place or hides in boxes.


Old plates, broken dishes, service and crystal, which for several years no one has been using even at family feasts. This also includes old and scary pans, pots and other kitchen utensils. And also banks, a huge number of cans from various pickles, which for some reason people are used to collecting. Sorry to throw out, but nowhere to go.

First aid kit .

Taking care of your health is good, but when was the last time you looked in a medicine cabinet and threw away medicines that have expired? Usually there are more than half of these drugs.

A million of useful, but unnecessary things that someone gave, gave, forgot, left . These are different gifts that you don’t know where to put, or you simply don’t like them. This also includes old children's toys, all kinds of magnets, pens, vases.

Cosmetics .

This is a whole abyss of what a pity to throw. Expired cosmetics, empty jars, tubes, vials. Perfumes whose smell is no longer like. Cream that did not fit. Gave lipstick, but you just don’t use it.

Technique and broken things . Old grandma’s TV, which turns on once. Phones, irons, kitchen appliances, laptops, computers, watches, players, lamps. Used batteries, wires, lighters that will never come in handy.



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