How to cook yogurt at home: a detailed instruction

Classic yogurt is prepared from two ingredients: milk and sourdough. Milk is fermented using starter microorganisms or probiotics, turning into a useful fermented milk product.

Yogurt contains a lot of protein - about 10 grams per 200 gram serving. In dietary recommendations - 2015-2020, which are published every year by the US Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the Department of Health, says that you need to consume 50-60 grams of protein per day. A healthy intake of dairy and / or dairy products is three products per day.

How to cook yogurt at home: a detailed instruction

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Yogurt is rich in B vitamins, including


, which protects against the development of chronic diseases. One glass of yogurt contains up to 40% of the daily value of phosphorus. Probiotics that ferment milk,

support the

immune system.

In each supermarket, dozens of types of yogurts are sold - natural and with different additives.

In production, the production of yogurt is put on stream so that the quality and texture of yogurt are always the same. If you want to control the composition of the final product or to cook something new - make yogurt at home yourself.

The easiest way to cook yogurt at home is using a special device. Yogurt maker consists of a base that heats the product, and reusable jars with lids. You get the benefit of ready-made yogurt and do not use plastic harmful to the planet.

If you don’t have a yogurt maker, you can cook a dairy product in a oven, slow cooker, thermos or just in a warm place , for example next to the battery.

Pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized milk is suitable. The pasteurized needs to be boiled and cooled to 30-40 degrees. Ultra-pasteurized it is enough to take room temperature (except for the method of cooking in a thermos, then the milk should be at a temperature of 40 degrees).

How to cook yogurt at home: a detailed instruction

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It can be found in pharmacies and health food stores. Another option is to cook your own yoghurts based on the store. One 200-gram jar is enough for five or six home jars.

If you cook in the oven, slow cooker, thermos or at room temperature, use exclusively ready-made yogurt as a base.

The dishes in which yogurt is prepared must be sterile.

To do this, hold it over the steam for several minutes. If this is not done, microorganisms from the surface of the can can spoil the final product.

Combine the starter (a couple of spoons of the finished yogurt) with milk and mix. Pour the mixture into jars, place them in the yogurt maker or oven and turn it on.Depending on the power and mode, the yogurt will be ready in 6-9 hours.

The slow cooker should be set to heating mode to 40 degrees and left in this mode for the night with jars inside.

If you cook in a thermos , the mixture must be preheated to 40 degrees (use a kitchen thermometer to measure). Pour the mixture into a thermos, tighten it tightly and leave it overnight.

If you are cooking in room conditions , wrap the containers with a towel for extra warmth and leave them near the battery also for the night.

Ready yogurt is delicious served with Jerusalem artichoke syrup, chia seeds, berries, granola .



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