How to cook eggs. Opinion of Vladimir Nabokov

We already wrote about how David Lynch has dinner. And today we’ll tell you what you need to do to have breakfast, like Vladimir Nabokov.

How to cook eggs. Opinion of Vladimir Nabokov

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The writer shared this simple recipe, set out in his famous sarcastic manner, with the American magazine Har37er's Magazine. Cooking with this recipe is quite simple. And so that because of the love of art the figure does not suffer, replace the sandwich with bread and butter with pita with hummus.

How to cook eggs. Opinion of Vladimir Nabokov

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  1. Boil water in a small saucepan (bubbles mean the water is boiling!). Remove two eggs from the refrigerator (one per person). Place them under hot tap water to prepare for what awaits them.
  2. One at a time, dip the eggs in the pan, so that they slide silently into the (boiling) water.

    Take time on your wristwatch.

  3. Stand over the eggs with a spoon in your hand, preventing the eggs (and they will undoubtedly try) to hit the stupid wall of the pan. But if, in spite of everything, the egg still cracked in the water (now the water is foaming like crazy) and spews clouds of white substance, like a medium in an old-fashioned spiritualistic session, catch it and throw it away.
  4. Take another egg and now be careful. After 200 seconds or, for example, 240 (given the interference), start to pull out the eggs.

  5. Put them in arable land, blunt end up. With a teaspoon, tap the egg in a circle and then remove the “cap” from the egg. Move the salt and make yourself a sandwich with bread (white) and butter. Eat.

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