How to cook corn and can it be done in five minutes?

In the middle of summer, fresh corn appears on store shelves. We tell you how to cook corn at home so that it turns out soft and juicy.

The taste of corn is affected by its degree of maturity. Too young corn is unsuitable for cooking - its grains are still soft and watery. Overripe cobs require long cooking and often still remain hard.

Choose mid-maturity corn.

You can determine the degree of maturity by the color of the leaves: light indicates that the corn is fresh and young, and dark indicates that the corn is overripe. You can also pay attention to the color of the grains. In overripe corn, they will be bright yellow. Choose corn with milky grains that are tightly spaced.

How to cook corn and can it be done in five minutes?

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Peel the corn from the leaves and wash well under running water. The leaves can also be washed and added to the pan - so the dish will turn out more flavorful. Leave the cobs intact - this will have a positive effect on softness and taste.

Put the pot on medium heat and lower the corn there.

You can do this right away or wait for the water to boil. You can add some sugar.

Cooking cobs of medium maturity will take 20-30 minutes. Pierce the corn with a toothpick to check readiness. When the inside becomes soft, the corn can be removed from the fire.

You need to salt the corn 3-4 minutes before being ready or when serving. While the corn has not cooled, it can be greased with butter - so the taste will become more tender.

You can not only cook corn on the stove, but also in the microwave oven (the edition of "Challenger" checked this method - it turned out very tasty ). Here's what you need to do:

  1. Wash the cobs.
  2. Put in the microwave for five minutes: the oven should work at maximum power.

  3. Peel the corn from the leaves and salt before serving. Done!


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