How to cook borsch: the best (in our opinion) recipe

Can't cook soup? We will teach you. Keep this step-by-step recipe for classic borsch on meat broth - it turns out very tasty.

220 calories

How to cook borsch: the best (in our opinion) recipeHow to cook borsch: the best (in our opinion) recipe

Classic beetroot soup with meat broth

Vegetable soup with beets, which is loved in Russia and other countries .

How to cook borsch: the best (in our opinion) recipe


100 minutes


4 servings


Sour cream (for serving)

4 tbsp. l

Preparation process

  1. Pour water into the pan, put the meat and turn on medium heat.

    Cook for about an hour.

  2. Wash and peel beets, carrots, and onions. Grate beets on a coarse grater and sprinkle with lemon juice. Thanks to this, the soup will be really red.
  3. Grate the carrots on a medium grater.

    Dice the onion.

  4. Pour the sunflower oil into the pan, turn on the medium heat. First, fry the onions and carrots (5 minutes), then add the beets.
  5. Fry the vegetables for another 5 minutes. After that, add the tomato paste, mix and leave on the fire for another 5-7 minutes.

  6. When the broth is cooked, remove the meat from it. While the meat is cooling, dip chopped cabbage into the broth. After 5-10 minutes, add the chopped potatoes.
  7. While the potatoes are being cooked, separate the meat from the bone and cut into cubes. Return the meat to the soup.

  8. Add the roast and stir.
  9. Add bay leaf and finely chopped greens. Cover the pot and cook for another 5-7 minutes.
  10. Serve hot borsch with a spoon of sour cream.


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